I may love NYC, but I’ll still always love HK

Hong Kong

On the way to work this morning, the car stopped as it was going to exit the street between World Trade Centre and The Excelsior in Causeway for a tourist who was standing there taking pictures of the harbour and TST. It’s a beautiful morning here in Hong Kong and watching the tourist take a picture of Hong Kong made me start to get all sentimental about it.

Isn’t that weird? I’m starting to miss Hong Kong and I haven’t even left yet! I’ll always love this city no matter where I go, and will definitely be returning someday after I leave. There is so much to appreciate – mostly the efficiency of the public transport system (and how clean the subway is!), but the gorgeous skyline and the harbour and the city lights are definitely something to appreciate as well.

And, yeah, I know I’ve been complaining about how Hong Kong seriously lacks a major art scene, and about how small it is and that after a while there doesn’t seem to be much to do aside from shopping/movies/drinking, but I’ll still always love this place. I suppose it’s good that it hits me now, so I can fully enjoy and appreciate the time I have left here. 🙂

(The photo in this post isn’t of the same view that I was seeing, but it’s a great shot anyway!)


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