To Do List:

Things I need to do before I leave on Thursday:

  • Change money (and before that, figure out how much cash I’ll need for 9 days…)
  • Pick up makeup that they still owe me from Lane Crawford
  • Pick up book from Asher
  • Buy black Signo pen
  • Decide whether to buy a camera or not, and if yes, which one, then buy it (clearly) Think I’ll buy one before I move – don’t really need one right now if I can borrow my parents’…
  • Finish articles for the April issue (one left, plus proofreading layouts and changing whatever the clients want on their advertorials)
  • Make sure bf gets his butt over to Cathay (!!)
  • Dig out winter clothes I used to wear in England
  • Pack!!

Packing list, aside from the obvious clothes, underwear, shoes, etc:

  • Thing I’m bringing for Lo
  • Moleskine
  • Journal (blank book bf gave me?)
  • E’s lomo camera – never used one before, hope it’ll be bright enough to use one when I’m there…
  • X-Sudoku book (note to self: warm up on plane so I can kick bf’s butt in x-sudoku when I’m there…not that I really need it…! ;))
  • Laptop
  • HSBC security thing so I can track how much I’m charging to the credit card (tres importante…!)
  • A book to read on the plane
  • Headphone plane-plug-converter thingie so I can use my own headphones when watching movies on the plane…
  • E’s package to her friend
  • Letters of introduction so I can use The Cornell Club and The Yale Club

So much to do, so little time…(yay!)


3 Responses

  1. ooo! what is x-sodoku? i’m intrigued!

  2. England?! I wanna go!

  3. I’m jealous. I have to wait until September before I go to NYC, and even then, it’s only for six nights! My fascination with this city is getting way bigger the more I think about it.

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