My horoscope in the Sunday Magazine today:

Although you are an optimist, you sometimes let things get you down unnecessarily, as has been the case recently. With the sun, your ruler, entering one of the most positive angles of your chart on Thursday, your ego and energy levels will receive a boost.

Um, how accurate is that? Haven’t been as sad lately as I was the previous couple weeks, but last night (and, ok, this morning) I was really sad. And Thursday? That’s the day I leave for/arrive in New York. Insane.

And, my horoscope in US Elle for March:

Return one last phone call and close your e-mail program. Your long-suffering significant other needs some significant time alone with you. With seven celestial bodies in your partnership zone, let the work and dust bunnies pile up; you have some serious lovin’ to attend to. The 20th onward is an auspicious time for a trip together, and you know how romantic Paris is this time of year.

Again – coincidence? I don’t know, but it all seems pretty right…

I just need to get my butt to New York asap.


2 Responses

  1. Close your email? Like for good or just for the time being? That would take a lot for me to close it for good.

    I need to let things pile up too, I am adopting your horoscope.

  2. LoL, I like that, “I am adopting your horoscope” 😉

    And no, I won’t be closing it for good, but I sure as hell won’t be emailing anyone when I can spend some quality time w/the bf for once in my life…!

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