Quoted! (Headless Book Covers)

Megan McCafferty, one of my favourite authors (I absolutely love Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, and Charmed Thirds) – quoted me on her (retro)blog!

The topic was on headless book covers – you know, like on all the Gossip Girl books, and on Megan’s books as well. Take a look-see:

book covers
In a previous post, Megan pointed to an article printed in the Chicago Tribune, about the implications of having headless book covers. The article goes as far as to say that by cutting off the girls’ heads, it implies that women don’t have a voice. Clearly, that’s ridiculous. So in response to a call for thoughts/opinions, I emailed Megan, and she quoted these on her blog:

“‘women don’t have voices’ – that’s ridiculous! Especially, and ironically, since these covers are on the books of female authors. What is an author doing by writing a book, if not ‘voicing’ her thoughts and imagination and creations?”

“I realize that there is some sort of stigma attached to being ‘chick-lit’, but I have to say that if I had to sort your books into a category, I’d have to say that they are chick-lit, but only because I feel like they would mostly appeal to women (and possibly gay men).”

This is possibly the coolest thing ever. (Being quoted by one of my favourite authors, not that people think headless covers mean girls have no voices.)

See original post with all quotes here


4 Responses

  1. That is seriously REALLY awesome! I love Megan McCafferty!

  2. That’s awesome! I love McCafferty!!! And by clicking through to her website, I realized I didn’t know she had another Jessica Darling book out. AMAZON.COM here I come…

  3. Wow! What an honor! You go!

  4. i just read fourth comings and i CANT WAIT for perfect fifths to appear in stores!!!

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