Greetings from NYC!

Ok, it’s 7am and I can’t sleep – been awake for nearly an hour – my eyes were still tired enough to close, but my body just won’t listen and was uncomfortable no matter what position I lay in, so I decided to get up and wait for the rest of the city to wake up (well, not the whole city…haha)

The flight over was looonggggg, got crammed into the window seat trapped by two mainlanders (China) who supposedly lived in Brooklyn, but their English was so poor that they couldn’t even fill in their customs declaraction and asked me to do it for them. Which I did, of course, cause I’m nice like that.

The new-ish Cathay airplanes have this really cool feature, where there’s a camera outside the plane, and one of the “infotainment” selections is an aerial view of whatever’s outside. As we approached NYC, I switched it to that screen and snapped a few pics, which I will post below – way cool! You can see all the city lights…:)

Plans for the day: breakfast w/the boy, then I have to get a SIM card somewhere and call people, then maybe some light shopping or a mani/pedi, and the Most Serene Republic show later tonight w/the boy as well. Woo!

Approaching New York:





I am SO excited to be here again. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Hot looking blog here!

    Hey, girl 🙂 Good to hear that you made it to NY!

  2. That is so bad ass! So glad you are back on US ground, not to mention the coolest city in the world! 😀

    Hope you and the boy have fun.

  3. I totally recognized Delicious Design’s work on your blog because I came across your first post. She is designing my blog and it’ll be done sometime this week I think… I’m excited.

    I love NYC… I was there for spring break this past week and countless times I thought about moving there at some point. But then I remember the cost of living is higher and holy crap did I spend a lot of money eating out… so until I have a more disposable budget, I won’t be moving there anytime soon.

    Have fun on your visit and good luck with your eventual move out there!

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