So sad :(

Today’s my last full day in NYC! The weather suits my mood – it’s kinda rainy and grey and depressing today, kinda like yesterday. Got a lot to do today – drugstore & GNC run for friends and family at home, and possibly a boat tour thingie around Manhattan with two guys I met last night, although the weather is sucking today so I may just pass on that and do it when I’m back in September (which, if last September is anything to go by, the weather will be warm and gorgeous!), so not too fussed about that.

I hate that the weather’s all gross – I really wanted to take more pics today cause I haven’t taken enough this time round. 😦

I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow…I’m so sad! Another five months to go…I may just book my one-way ticket for September when I get home, to give me something to look forward to!

Anyway, will blog about the trip some more when I get back to HK, I’m sure! (More details and pics and such.)


One Response

  1. Have a safe trip home, Lovey…

    I’m sure New York will miss you… and just think– only 5 MORE MONTHS!!! Woooooooo! It’s going to fly by! 🙂

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