Abercrombie Overload

A&FOk, so I had passed the Abercrombie flagship on 5th Ave a few times this trip, and there was always a huge line outside so I never bothered. (Sidenote: it’s ridiculous that people actually line up for ABERCROMBIE! I mean come on…in Asia people only line up for Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and the like…not Abercrombie!) But since today was my last day and I was in the area, plus my friend requested that I buy him a polo and I needed denim shorts, I checked it out.

Luckily at the time I went there was no line, but there was still a ridiculous amount of people in the store. The music is pounding as you walk in, and the lighting is so dark that it actually makes it somewhat difficult to see things, which, you know, might make it somewhat hard to shop! The worst wasn’t even the music and the lighting, but the smell of the Abercrombie perfumes – it was so overpowering I could actually taste it in my mouth and for the next 5 blocks I walked after I left.

I had to wait in line for about 10 minutes for a changing room (at least), but there was pretty much no line for the cashiers on the 2nd floor, so that wasn’t too bad. Still, by the end I really couldn’t wait to just get out of there. I overheard a mother saying to her daughter that she couldn’t stand it in there, and I had to agree. The only reason I even bothered trying on the shorts was cause if I didn’t, I didn’t want to have to go back to return them!!

All in all – avoid the 5th Ave Abercrombie like the plague if you can. The only thing that was kinda cool was that it was a whole 4 floors, which is pretty much the biggest Abercrombie I’ve ever seen. Still though, the music, the smell(and taste!), and the lighting were all horrible and made for one of the worst shopping experiences I’ve ever had. (So much so that I had to come back and blog about it!!) You’ve been warned…


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