Happy to be home.

As much as I thought I’d be dreading coming home, I’m actually pretty relieved. Of course, the turn of events at the end left me grateful that I get to go home to my parents and crawl into bed and just lie there by myself, comforted in knowing that I am safe there. Here.

I suppose this is really good timing since I can now focus on my friends and my family, the people dearest to me and who I will miss terribly when I leave. Candy Butt has already requested multiple times in the two conversations I’ve had with her the past week that I stay, or at least consider staying longer. I did miss her terribly during my trip, but I think that was also due to spending whole afternoons by myself, walking around New York until I was exhausted and cold before stopping by the apartment to rest and warm up and go out again (to actually meet people).

As much as I love New York, I can see why people have said that it can be a lonely city. Still, I also know that it’ll make a big difference if the lil sis actually does move and we live together, plus the fact that the next time I’m in the city I’ll be busy job hunting (and possibly apartment hunting, if lil sis doesn’t find anywhere for us to live first!) and adjusting and catching up with my NYC friends – much more fun, I think. 🙂

For the time being though, I’m going to relish being at home, with all my books from childhood until now (there’s just something so comforting about picking up a familiar book – like comfort food, minus the calories ;)), and my parents willing and able to take of me and look after me, and my best friends to be there for me and I can cherish the comfort that also comes from just knowing that I won’t be judged, or unloved, for who I am, and can truly be myself.

There’s definitely a certain joy and sense of security to being home, and I’m happy to be here for another 5 months before striking out on my own.


2 Responses

  1. Welcome home, love! (Not that I’m there, but you know what I mean… lol!)

    You are cherished in a loving place, so take all the comfort you need, and then… watch out, world! Jess is striking out on her own! It’s going to be great…


  2. Being at home is so comforting. Soak it up while you’re there!

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