Jamie asked me what X-Sudoku is, so I hereby present you with it:


You can’t really see the shaded squares, but they go diagonally across the grid as well, meaning that those numbers also go 1-9 and can’t repeat. I love it – there are so many more way to solve it than regular sudoku, although it definitely takes some patience! If you click on the grid it’ll take you to the file and you can print it out and try and solve it yourself. 🙂 Enjoy – if anyone actually does this!



My horoscope in the Sunday Magazine today:

Although you are an optimist, you sometimes let things get you down unnecessarily, as has been the case recently. With the sun, your ruler, entering one of the most positive angles of your chart on Thursday, your ego and energy levels will receive a boost.

Um, how accurate is that? Haven’t been as sad lately as I was the previous couple weeks, but last night (and, ok, this morning) I was really sad. And Thursday? That’s the day I leave for/arrive in New York. Insane.

And, my horoscope in US Elle for March:

Return one last phone call and close your e-mail program. Your long-suffering significant other needs some significant time alone with you. With seven celestial bodies in your partnership zone, let the work and dust bunnies pile up; you have some serious lovin’ to attend to. The 20th onward is an auspicious time for a trip together, and you know how romantic Paris is this time of year.

Again – coincidence? I don’t know, but it all seems pretty right…

I just need to get my butt to New York asap.

To Do List:

Things I need to do before I leave on Thursday:

  • Change money (and before that, figure out how much cash I’ll need for 9 days…)
  • Pick up makeup that they still owe me from Lane Crawford
  • Pick up book from Asher
  • Buy black Signo pen
  • Decide whether to buy a camera or not, and if yes, which one, then buy it (clearly) Think I’ll buy one before I move – don’t really need one right now if I can borrow my parents’…
  • Finish articles for the April issue (one left, plus proofreading layouts and changing whatever the clients want on their advertorials)
  • Make sure bf gets his butt over to Cathay (!!)
  • Dig out winter clothes I used to wear in England
  • Pack!!

Packing list, aside from the obvious clothes, underwear, shoes, etc:

  • Thing I’m bringing for Lo
  • Moleskine
  • Journal (blank book bf gave me?)
  • E’s lomo camera – never used one before, hope it’ll be bright enough to use one when I’m there…
  • X-Sudoku book (note to self: warm up on plane so I can kick bf’s butt in x-sudoku when I’m there…not that I really need it…! ;))
  • Laptop
  • HSBC security thing so I can track how much I’m charging to the credit card (tres importante…!)
  • A book to read on the plane
  • Headphone plane-plug-converter thingie so I can use my own headphones when watching movies on the plane…
  • E’s package to her friend
  • Letters of introduction so I can use The Cornell Club and The Yale Club

So much to do, so little time…(yay!)

One week…

In one week’s time exactly, I’ll have just landed at JFK (assuming there are no delays).

So. Weird! The last time I went I didn’t really have that many expectations, probably just cause I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never been to Fashion Week before, and in the span of my 10 days there I decided I wanted to move to NYC! And now, 6 months later, I’m going for a visit, and in another 5 months I’ll be moving.

I remember the last trip like it just happened recently – the friends, the food, the fun – it really was one of my best trips ever. (All thanks to Lo & K, of course.) From the yummy burgers (at perfect sizes) at J.G. Melon, to the most potent Long Island Iced Tea I’ve ever had (even in comparison to the giant LIITs at Nigi Nigi Nu Nu’s (or whatever that bar on the beach was called) in Boracay, and those were pretty damn strong!) at Underbar….it was an experience never to forget.

I can’t wait to head back and do some more exploring, especially at the museums – I still haven’t (properly) been to the Guggenheim, and haven’t visited the MoMA yet, and I wanna go back to the Museum of Natural History since last time we only had time for the Mythic Creatures exhibit.

AND – I’m going to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway, catch Ingrid Michaelson on tour with the Hotel Cafe Tour, as well as one of the bf’s fave bands, Most Serene Republic.

I’ve got so much lined up, I feel like I’m already running out of time, and I’m not even there yet!

One. Week.

I can’t wait!

I may love NYC, but I’ll still always love HK

Hong Kong

On the way to work this morning, the car stopped as it was going to exit the street between World Trade Centre and The Excelsior in Causeway for a tourist who was standing there taking pictures of the harbour and TST. It’s a beautiful morning here in Hong Kong and watching the tourist take a picture of Hong Kong made me start to get all sentimental about it.

Isn’t that weird? I’m starting to miss Hong Kong and I haven’t even left yet! I’ll always love this city no matter where I go, and will definitely be returning someday after I leave. There is so much to appreciate – mostly the efficiency of the public transport system (and how clean the subway is!), but the gorgeous skyline and the harbour and the city lights are definitely something to appreciate as well.

And, yeah, I know I’ve been complaining about how Hong Kong seriously lacks a major art scene, and about how small it is and that after a while there doesn’t seem to be much to do aside from shopping/movies/drinking, but I’ll still always love this place. I suppose it’s good that it hits me now, so I can fully enjoy and appreciate the time I have left here. 🙂

(The photo in this post isn’t of the same view that I was seeing, but it’s a great shot anyway!)

Hello, world!

I love my new blog. 🙂

Tons of love to Jess at Delicious Design Studio (formerly Cuppycake Designs) for the layout! If anyone reading this wants a blog layout (WordPress or Blogger)/header, I highly recommend her!

Anyway, it’s weird to think that there are only 11 days until I’m on my flight to NYC, after starting a countdown at 80+ days! I have a feeling I’m just not going to want to come back (especially since I love my job so much…) but it’s all good – I’ll be moving less than half a year later!

So much to do before I leave – I really need socks. Random, I know, but I rarely wear them, and therefore don’t have that many pairs, but when it’s cold I’ll be wearing boots and sneakers everyday and won’t be doing laundry everyday.

I also can’t decide whether to get a new camera now or not…I’m not sure I really want it all on the same billing cycle as whatever shopping I do in New York! But, whether it’s now or later, I will have to get one at some point…

Decisions, desicions…