Random Bits

Quin Browne wrote a lovely guest post over at Guest of a Guest, about her experience moving to New York. (Read it here) I can’t wait till I’ve moved and can write about everything I’m thinking, seeing, doing, eating, loving, and hating (I’m already dreading the subway – the MTR’s spoiled me! 😉 ) about New York, even with the stress of the upcoming job AND apartment hunt (double whammy!). I only hope I can record it all as beautifully as Quin does. 🙂 

Lauren Conrad and Speidi were recently at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, and apparently Pete Wentz was all Team Speidi. An article from the Examiner mentions it, and, as some backstory to the feud, wrote: 

The former best friends have been feuding ever since Montag started dating America’s biggest loser: Spencer Pratt.

LOL. Oh, Spencer. Can’t wait to catch up on The Hills later tonight!

In other not-so-newsworthy news, I am totally bored at work. When a magazine closes I lose all motivation to start the next one. I really hope my next job is much more fast-paced and keeps me on my toes…I’d actually rather spend my time at work actually working than surfing around on the internet or emailing people or blogging. Blah. Still, did manage to get an interview with the Ferragamo menswear designer AND the Hugo Boss menswear designer today, so it wasn’t a complete waste. 😛 Off to write some interview questions now…


Under the Sea

Annie Leibovitz has done it again – the latest Disney Dreams Portrait Series (as part of their “Year of a Million Dreams” celebrations) is Julianne Moore as Ariel, and swimmer Michael Phelps (along with other famed swimmers) as merpeople. I love it!! Julianne Moore looks awesome (click on the image to get to the full size one I uploaded), and according to this article, her daughter was so wowed that her mom was Ariel – apparently Ariel’s her fave Disney princess (MINE TOO! lol). 

I was just thinking that part of the reason I love Ariel and The Little Mermaid so much is that Ariel is pretty fiercely independent, and I get that way too (my parents are nicer, they call me “adventurous” quite often, lol). Ariel dreams about living in the land where people have feet and dance and walk, and I dream about living halfway across the world. 

Hopefully there’ll be a happily ever after for me, too. 🙂

Best. Weekend. Ever!

I had the best weekend.

Friday night after work I went to meet my parents at my fave Thai restaurant, and we ate there (mmmm!), then I met Candy Butt for a giant glass of Hoegaarden – (my fave!) – before we moved on to Wan Chai to check out Pawn, this new bar/restaurant that my Deputy Editor told me about (and it’s where the Hong Kong TIme Out launch party was last week) but we didn’t stay since C-Butt felt way underdressed. At dinner my dad’s friend was talking about this bar next to Pawn that has happy hour till 12.30, so we went there instead and they had this gorgeous lil patio outside and we sat under a big umbrella and drank wine and chatted about her upcoming trip to Europe, boys, my upcoming move to New York, and everything in between. The service there was really good too, so any Hong Kong-ers reading this, go check out Deluxe Wine on Johnston Road in the Wanch if you want a chill night, and ask for Stephen! The waiters loved us and gave us 15% off VIP cards as well if we ever wanted to eat there. LoL (Btw, def try the tomato sake as well there, it sounds weird I know but it’s really yum!

On Saturday I met C-Butt to go shopping, where I forced her to buy a bikini (it really was time), and we found a really hot one from Billabong before heading to H&M in Central, where we also met another friend. I bought 2 super cute bikinis, one of them’s got black & white polka dots! lol And a lavender cardigan and some accessories. 🙂 Fun!

After shopping, I went home for dinner and caught up on the new Ugly Betty (Charlie is such a biznatch!) before getting ready and going back to C-Butt’s place before going to Halo with the boys, then this ‘underground hip hop’ party, lol. It was kinda random but it was actually really fun, we drank Heinekens (the boys asked what we wanted and when I said Heineken everyone else had one too – copy cats. 😛 ) and did one tequila shot before heading to Central to meet up with Wassonss, and dancing our butts off at Pi. The night ended when I went up with Candice and we got drinks at 7-11 (of the non-alcoholic variety) and chilled for a bit before I went home.

Today I went for dim sum with the fam (yum!), came home and took a 2 hour nap, then went to my (rather painful) massage at 5, after which I met the fam for dinner at CPK in Times Square. I bought 2 books at Page One, and now I’m settling in to edit Lauren’s paper and then probably either reading, drawing, or playing Upwords with Mom before going to bed.

I loved my weekend – great friends & fam, great food, a little bit of pampering, and new clothes & books! What’s not to love? (It must also be noted that I absolutely adore not having to work on Saturdays!!)

Hope everyone had as awesome a weekend as I did 🙂

PS. I love Kate Voegele – go have a listen if you don’t know her stuff already. She got me out of my music rut and now I can’t stop listening to her! Woo.

Not working at work…

I finished all my work for the May issue yesterday (Crystal, Jessica, Deb and Veronica – you guys will all be getting at the very least a link to the online version to see your pretty faces in the mag! I’ll post that as soon as I get the link myself…), so today I didn’t do anything work-related. Ok, that’s a lie – I got the captions for 4 watches from Breguet, but that’s it. The rest of my time? Spent browsing amazon, thinking about personal style, and then online ‘window’ shopping. 

Then I discovered styleshop.com – this website that shows you pictures, prices, details of tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and even home & baby stuff from all over the web, so then I signed up for that and added a ton of stuff to my stylebook – clothes, shoes, jewellery, and even beds & vanities for my future apartment (lol). There were so many gorgeous things! If you wanna take a look at my stylebook, click here. I haven’t created any looks yet, maybe I’ll save that for another day I’m bored at work (oh wait…that happens everyday…)

Go take a look if you’re bored at work and add me as a friend! 🙂 Or, if anyone’s feeling generous, feel free to send me anything in my registry. 😉

Am excited for tonight – dinner w/the parents and friends at my fave Thai restaurant ever, then meeting Candy Butt and checking out some new places. I plan on hitting up H&M tomorrow, haven’t been in ages and I feel like shopping (surprised?) haha. And possibly getting a massage – really need one, haven’t had one since before I left for NYC last month! (I’m really just very grateful that I don’t have to work tomorrow – I hate working Saturdays!)

What’s everyone up to this weekend? 

How (I) Got My Groove Back

It’s 1:22am on a weekday and I can’t sleep. Either the caramel frappuccino I had after lunch is still in my system, or I just have too much going on in my head, but for once, they’re all happy thoughts.

I love my friends. I am so grateful that I have all these awesome people in my life; people who have the ability to make me smile when I think of them, who say silly things for us to laugh about, who tell me good things about myself whether I need to hear them or not, and people who remind me that life is good. Because it is.

Chatted to a friend in NYC earlier, she was at work and IMed me, and she was the one who got me excited about moving again. My sister forwarded me the NY Times article on finding your first apartment in NYC this morning (er, yesterday morning), and that article was pretty much gloom and doom for anyone who isn’t making like $100K a year. Needless to say, that just added to the worries I had about finding affordable living once I move, how I’m gonna figure out all the paperwork (I can’t provide payment stubs if I don’t have an income by the time I’ve found an apartment, and I’ve never filed taxes (oops?) so I don’t have any tax returns or whatever, and I’m still not really sure what a W2 form is), etc etc. It’s a headache!

Anyway my point is, I talked to my friend and she was like “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.” And right after that, I felt calmer about the whole apartment hunting, and even the job hunting (for some reason I tend to worry more about the apt than the job!) that I’ll be doing the moment I’ve landed. My nerves calmed and instantly I was able to get excited again, instead of all worried.

This is just one example of why I love my friends, although there are many more.

Bottom line is: they help bring me back to Who I Am. And I am a happy, optimistic person by nature (seriously. Ask any of my friends.). When I worry or just have the mean reds all the time, that’s not me. I’ve got my groove back baby, and it’s all thanks to my family by choice. 🙂 So thank you, friends, for being a great friend. (This includes you, LMM!) I couldn’t have done it without you.

(…and that concludes my Oscar acceptance speech…LoL)

PS. Drawing again is helping, too. 🙂

PPS. Mom, you and Dad are awesome too. Don’t feel left out! 😉

I am a Writer

This just came as an epiphany to me, even though it isn’t exactly surprising, given that I actually write for a living at the moment, but I feel like I’ve rediscovered my love for writing lately, even though I haven’t actually written anything for myself (aside from blog entries) in a while.

Quin, a fellow blogger, and I were exchanging emails the other day, and she mentioned that she was planning on writing this weekend, and that reminded me that I’ve always wanted to write a novel but have always been far too intimidated by the idea to actually do anything about it. Her response? “Always do something that scares you.” That certainly applies to me moving to NYC, but not really to anything else, and it pushed me to really think about being more creative this weekend (and, I’m sure, pushed me to buy a drawing pen and pick it up and draw for the first time in God knows how long).

I  drew a chair and then a mug, according to the first exercises in The Creative License, by Danny Gregory (who also wrote/drew Everyday Matters, one of my fave books ever – do yourself a favour and at least flip through it next time you’re at a bookstore), and I loved it. Even though it only took about half an hour, I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to go home later and draw a table and a person next, even if they come out sucky.

My point is, picking up my pen yesterday reminded me of the things I used to love doing – and did – all the time. Instead of thinking about drawing or writing, I’d just be doing it. It adds a richness to my life that I can’t get from working 6 days a week or partying, because I’m doing it for myself. 

The POA (plan of action) is to now try and actually sit down and plan out a book, or even a short story or several vignettes, to get myself writing. I’m blogging about it so that I can hold myself accountable – if I keep it in my head no one will be like “So how’s that book/the writing coming along?” – and I need to be held accountable. 

I asked Lauren (my sister) earlier, “If I published a book, would you buy it?” 
“Yeah, but you should give it to me.” LOL Actually, Lauren once told me she used to love reading all my unfinished “novels” I wrote as a kid, and I love that. (I love HER!) 

So, there it is. I’m going to write. Just thinking about writing (something more fun and meaningful (to me) than wedding superstitions around the world) has gotten me excited again. 🙂

(Image by Louise Fitzhugh)

Why I love irises

(and why they’re my new favourite flower, although I’ll still always be partial to lilies):


Primary Significance: With history dating back to Greek mythology, irises come in a rainbow of colors, the most popular being the deep blue variety. Their primary meanings include faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration. (Meaning from Proflowers.com)

Randomly, these were taken in the bathroom at the Russian Tea Room. Aren’t they beautiful?