You’re making yourSELF cry…

Stephanie Pratt

Oh, how I love The Hills! (Yes this is a little late, since I’m in HK and we don’t get The Hills real time, and I only got around to watching it on just now during my lunch break.)I like that Stephanie and LC are becoming friends, it’s kinda cute. And I feel kinda bad for Steph since she’s put in the middle of EVERYONE…lol that’s kinda crazy, and will hopefully lead to some drama for us all to enjoy…whew! (Btw, who knew FIDM had such a nice campus?)

Can’t wait for the next episode – I love the preview, with Spencer going “You’re making yourSELF cry, thinking about the things you’ve done!” or whatever – hilarious. I feel like he’s said that before to Heidi. What a douche! He is my favourite douche though, douchiest of douches…lol (I think that’s enough of the word ‘douche’ on my blog for a month. At least. haha)

I love that Lo is on the show more this season – she was always my favourite! I hope she brings more to the show than just being portrayed as LC’s sidekick the whole time.

Whitney’s new job looks seriously stressful. I’m kind of glad I’m not styling anymore – most of the time it was more stressful/painful than it was fun, although it’s definitely really rewarding to see the end result!

All the drama on The Hills and the way the cameras pan around LA kinda make me wanna move to LA…

Eh, who am I kidding? I hate driving. 😛 Guess NYC’s still the city for me! (FIVE months…I don’t know how I’m going to survive, especially with this job…)


3 Responses

  1. OMG! I am ADDICTED to the hills! I freaking hate Spencer. He is a DOUCHE. And what was up with Brody? oMG!

  2. OK, I don’t watch this show… I’m sorry, I just can’t, lol! BUT, I get asked about it all the time (because evidently some girl on there is named Jen Bunny, and I’m JenBun… whatever!)

    BUT (again), you should read Hollywood Sucker‘s blog, if you don’t already, because (a) she is hilarious in general, and (b) she does a recap of “The Hills” that is a CRACK UP!

    OK, other blog pimping over! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes, move to LA!!!

    But it’s true…you can’t show up to LA and expect to not drive everywhere. Ugh…how I long for the city to get some better public transportation.

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