Death by blogging?

This article by the New York Times reports on recent deaths of popular professional bloggers, bloggers that are paid to blog, either by post, by the number of people that read their articles, or a combination of the two. In the last few months alone, two died suddenly while a third survived a heart attack. It’s speculated that the stress of instant online publishing and therefore the pressure of publishing the latest news first is what led to their physical deterioration.

Can you imagine, dying because of blogging?? I mean yeah ok it was really the pressure of it all, but it’s kind of insane, when you think of it. This is just another supporting point for how stress really can just wear you down – even if the bloggers’ deaths aren’t directly related, I’ll bet stress is a contributing factor anyhow. It also goes to show how something that you once thought was fun could actually just be really bad for your health, and also the importance of having a job that doesn’t, well, kill you.

I once thought writing for magazines would be amazing. And it was, for a while. But now that I’m constantly writing about crap that I don’t care about (or really, spending 80% of my time trying to get up the motivation to write it and get it over with as fast as possible) I think I’m really gonna be pickier about my next job (well, unless I know it’s going to be temporary and as a source of income until I find the job I really want. Or think I want. But that’s another topic for another time…).


2 Responses

  1. death by blogging – hahaha

    seems like I could die from it though, I might wanna make up a will or something.

  2. oh man. with my eyes raging at me to stop looking at computers…why, yes, i can imagine a painful death via blogging. 😉

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