Ok, this is ridiculous

I’m slightly a little bit really freaked out already. Only 2 days after having booked my ticket out! I was browsing Craigslist just to look at apartment listings under my budget, and a million of them are in places I’ve never heard of. I don’t want to have to live in the boonies, or spend an hour commuting each way to Manhattan! Or what if I get some really crappy-ass apartment that just…sucks? I’m already paranoid that I’m gonna have to live in a sh*thole, like I did in England in crappy student housing – though then I had roommates.

Or, what if I find a place, and I don’t have an income yet? How does that all work? And I don’t have a W2 form! I haven’t lived in the US yet since working. Ugh, there are so many logistics to figure out, and I can’t help freaking even though I know there isn’t anything I can do from here. 

There is also of course the whole upcoming job hunt, which I am seriously dreading…I don’t wanna be unemployed for forever! 

I have a feeling this move is gonna trigger another phase in my quarterlife crisis, which hit pretty bad last year when I was job hunting for four months.

Not only all that, but now that my flight & move date is confirmed, I feel like time in HK is dwindling and is therefore more precious than ever. I feel like a high school senior – y’kno, back in the day when graduation was nearing and people were going on about how “this is the LAST TIME we’ll be wearing our winter kilts!” (I went to Catholic boarding school.), or “this is the LAST time I’ll be tanning on the Senior Deck during a free period”, etc etc. Now it’s like, “This is my LAST summer in HK!” 

Today is HOT. Temps say 24-29 degrees celcius, and HUMID! Summer is really right around the corner…my last summer in HK for a while!! I’m kinda excited for summer, aside from the humidity. I love weekends hanging out poolside at the American Club with friends and/or family, drinking iced teas, tanning, and swimming; rarely wearing jeans out at night (it’s way too hot and sticky to be wearing denim of any sort – instead, summer nights in HK is all about skirts and (mini)dresses); and just the summer vibe in the air – nights out are more electrifying, and the heat puts everyone in more of a party mood. 🙂

I am determined for the this summer to be the best one yet, and maybe I’ll even celebrate my birthday for 2 weeks instead of a mere 1 week like last year…;) heehee (My bday’s in the 2nd half of Aug, so it’ll be right before I leave.)


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