Elizabeth and James: Olsen Twins in HK

The Olsen twins are in town to launch their line, Elizabeth and James, at Lane Crawford (HK’s answer to Barney’s/Bergdorf’s/Neiman Marcus), and last night was the launch. There were so many little girls who arrived with their mothers, and that was pretty cute. I saw one ten year old clutching a hardcover biography of MK+A, aww! haha Not many ‘young Hollywood’ celebrities come to Hong Kong, at least not those admired by tweens and who regularly feature in Teen Vogue. 

I had a bit too much champagne (empty stomach, mind you) and saw a lot of people, which was fun. I didn’t follow the crowd taking pictures, though caught a few glimpses of them traipsing from one end of the venue to the other so that people could take their pictures. 

One friend said she tried on a dress earlier that was selling for $6000 Hong Kong (roughly US$750), and was made of cotton. Then we laughed and said that we could probably make something like that ourselves with a dress from H&M, scissors, and a sewing machine, and we’re not exactly skilled clothes-makers. (Far from it, really.) The collection is kind of cute, but way overpriced. Maybe they just wanted to prove that they can make more than just Wal-Mart-worthy clothes?

(Pictures from Hong Kong Hustle – I didn’t have a camera, and my friend hasn’t uploaded pics yet for me to steal off him. 😉 )


2 Responses

  1. Soo jealous! I’m in love with MKA!

  2. Their stuff is SO overpriced. But I admire their business savvy. They’re MKA, people will buy their stuff. I used to see MKA around campus when she was dating a dude in my college classes. She is le tiny.

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