I had the strangest dream last night, and it was so realistic. This is what went down:

I was in a bathroom stall, locked, doing my business at some mall or something, and this girl walks in (it’s a pretty big stall) mid-pee, and kisses her boyfriend inside my stall! (The lock must have just come undone, I guess.) So of course I’m sitting there totally embarrassed that people are in the same stall with me as I’m peeing, and later I get really PO’d at her, saying that it was rude of her to come in and kiss her boyfriend while I was peeing! I mean, get your own stall, beyotches!

Later I find out she is a friend of a friend, and she writes me a letter going on about how it was rude of ME to get PO’d at her because “who doesn’t like to be kissed?” (ludicrous argument), and then goes on to tell me about how I must not have been educated well, and how the all-girls environment at Wellesley was so warm and nurturing, just knowing that you have good friends who love you for who you are (um, hello, I went to an all-girls boarding school? and how is that relevant anyway?), and then she starts attacking the friends I have in New York! (Guess I’ve moved by then in the dream…)

She names two of the people I hang out with all the time there in NYC and says they aren’t my real friends, and are just party friends, shallow and superficial, and that they won’t be there for me when I need them. One of them she attacks for her job/career, and says that she’s really just a selfish b*tch, but I’m just too dumb to see that, etc etc.

I was SO MAD at this point (who is SHE to judge my life and my friendships??), and was slowly waking up as well (possibly just cause I was so steamed) and was thinking that I wanna blog about it! I was so indignant about her being wrong and not me (come on – it’s just plain rude to barge into someone else’s bathroom stall as they’re doing their business and kiss your boyfriend, dream or no dream, lol!), and it’s even ruder to attack someone’s character when you don’t even know them.

Of course, now that I’m awake, I can’t convey the same emotions and arguments that I had in my head (as hard as I tried to remember everything clearly) because the whole thing just sounds kind of a little bit ridiculous, but I wanted to write it down anyway. LoL

Oh! Part 2 of my dream: I dreamt that the guy who made the garbage bag animal balloons (see post) got a ton of publicity thanks to me blogging about it (except I don’t even know who he is) and made a video and posted it on youtube of an elephant-shaped garbage bag balloon. LoL Random!

Thank God in real life I have awesome friends, and no one’s ever barged in on me in a public bathroom stall to make out with her boyfriend…!


7 Responses

  1. OMG that was funny! Seriously, only in a dream would someone walk into your stall and kiss whomever and then have a conversation. Priceless!

  2. Hahaha. Dreams always partly crack me up, partly skeeve me out. This one – particularly hilarious. 🙂

  3. Wow! My dreams can be pretty weird/freaky, too. I wonder if they mean anything? A friend of mine is into dream interpretation, and she tries to make sense of them, but sometimes dreams are just….too weird.

  4. I always thought I have weird dreams (mostly of the anxiety nature) but you got me beat. Hmmm!

    Dreams are our subconscious self talking. So what is your subconscious self trying to say?

  5. LOL That’s funny! Thanks for stopping by my site the other day 🙂 As for the dream—yeah, only in a dream! However, once when I was in the bathroom stall in highschool someone gal stood on the toilet in the neighboring stall and peeked over the top. She thought I was her friend and of course she had the wrong person. Damn.

  6. I totally promise that, when I come to NY, I will NOT come into your bathroom stall to make out with my bf! LOL! 😉

  7. Lol! What is the meaning in this dream, hehe? We’ll have to figure it out! 🙂

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