Random Bits

Quin Browne wrote a lovely guest post over at Guest of a Guest, about her experience moving to New York. (Read it here) I can’t wait till I’ve moved and can write about everything I’m thinking, seeing, doing, eating, loving, and hating (I’m already dreading the subway – the MTR’s spoiled me! 😉 ) about New York, even with the stress of the upcoming job AND apartment hunt (double whammy!). I only hope I can record it all as beautifully as Quin does. 🙂 

Lauren Conrad and Speidi were recently at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, and apparently Pete Wentz was all Team Speidi. An article from the Examiner mentions it, and, as some backstory to the feud, wrote: 

The former best friends have been feuding ever since Montag started dating America’s biggest loser: Spencer Pratt.

LOL. Oh, Spencer. Can’t wait to catch up on The Hills later tonight!

In other not-so-newsworthy news, I am totally bored at work. When a magazine closes I lose all motivation to start the next one. I really hope my next job is much more fast-paced and keeps me on my toes…I’d actually rather spend my time at work actually working than surfing around on the internet or emailing people or blogging. Blah. Still, did manage to get an interview with the Ferragamo menswear designer AND the Hugo Boss menswear designer today, so it wasn’t a complete waste. 😛 Off to write some interview questions now…


2 Responses

  1. I do NOT understand The Hills… but, do you read Hollywood Sucker??? (yes, I am blog pimping all over the place) She does HILARIOUS re-caps of the show! (and I don’t even watch it!)

    You’re welcome. 😉

  2. The Hills has been annoying me the past few episodes. It all seems so damn scripted now. Ugh. And I love the show, but I don’t know…it’s starting to become mundane. The whole Lauren/Heidi/Spencer/Stephanie/loyalty thing is just getting really old. *yawns* lol
    Something exciting needs to happen soon! I DO like Lauren and Lo’s new house though!!

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