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Heidi Montag appears on The Late Show With David Letterman, Spencer has a little screencap in the green room. YouTube video here, although the link above (from Pink is the New Blog) has links too. Speidi are fascinating in that they’re like a car crash – you can’t help but keep watching even though you know they’re terrible! haha

The beginnings of a Wall St. turnaround? Let’s hope so!

Why I’d never be a dating blogger (or at least not under a pseudonym and psuedonyms for everyone involved!). Interesting article anyway, it’s called Channeling Carrie, about people who are dating bloggers in New York, and it examines a little bit what would be different if Carrie was in the internet age, now. 

Well, at least we wouldn’t have to spend a fortune to emulate her (or SJP’s) style!

I love this apartment! Makes me excited to find an apt of my own and decorate it how I like. As Luella Bartley said in our interview, “It’s like an extension of yourself, your personality and character.” (Ok, so she was talking about having stores around the world, but she did liken that to having your own apartment or house. haha)

It’s a Small World opened at Hong Kong’s Disneyland. Now I’m just waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, Snow White, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to open before I go back. haha (If any of you do go though, I highly recommend Astro Blasters, the Buzz Lightyear ride/game. Fun!) You can listen to the theme song in English, Cantonese (the local dialect) and Putonghua/Mandarin at the link provided.

The Olympic Torch is in Hong Kong, and already causing controversy.


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  1. I love having a home to decorate and design. Even though we rent our house, we’ve been able to make it our own.

  2. The article on dating is a good one. I think people in their late teens and even up to their mid-30’s right now are completely lost in what is reality. Most think they can live the life of what they see on TV or in a movie, and that is why everyone (for the most part) is in debt up to their eyeballs and have relationships that tank so fast. I love your site and I can’t wait for you to move across the pond. Go you–good luck! 🙂

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