What I Do at Work

For those of you wondering what the heck I do at/for work, here’s the link to the May issue (in PDF format).

In the wedding section (which is the section I’m mostly in charge of, writing-wise, anyway – I don’t do any of the shoots), scroll to page 212 for my article on How To Propose (including my friends’ proposal stories – Jessica, Crystal, Deb and Veronica!), then the article immediately after is the advice column I have to find someone to write a topic on every month (and then edit it after – this one I actually had to do it in email interview form, and then rewrite it to make it more article-like – but of course I don’t get the credit for any of it!), and then it’s inEtiquette, which covers various wedding traditions/customs, either by country or whatever we come up with. May’s topic is wedding superstitions and good luck customs. 

In the fashion section, I’m in charge of the designer interview every month. For May I interviewed Luella Bartley (page 130, “Lovely Luella”). She was awesome to interview, very down to earth and very quirky British. The upcoming June issue is the men’s issue so I arranged an email interview with the Ferragamo menswear designer, Massimiliano Giornetti. For May I also wrote the watch brand profile, on Breguet (page 116, “Historic Breguet”).

Those are just the topics that have my byline; I also write quite a few advertorials per issue (paid editorials, the stuff that’s labelled “Special Feature” at the top of the page), but because those are paid for by our advertisers my name doesn’t get put on it.

Anyway, hope y’alls enjoy – guess I should actually go do some work now! 😉

PS. All my stuff gets translated into Chinese by a colleague, that part isn’t me. I kinda wish they got credit for translating my stuff in the mag!


4 Responses

  1. Cool! How great to see some of your work.

  2. Wow! That magazine is awesome… I think you’re ready for even bigger and BETTER in NYC!!! 🙂

  3. Fun job! I was always sad that I didn’t go into journalism or communications.

  4. YAY! just catching up on the good old Google Reader. &got your email. THANKS! Looks awesome 🙂 xo

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