SJP, LiLo, and Gossip Girl

There’s a great article/interview with Sarah Jessica Parker in New York Magazine, where they discuss Sex and the City (of course), and there’s a lot of general insight into SJP as an actual person, life after SATC, what she’s like around the neighborhood, and not just as an actress playing Carrie Bradshaw.

It’s a very well-written piece (by Emily Nussbaum), and it’s weird to me that she meets up with SJP a few times to get the whole interview. All the interviews I’ve done are usually done within half an hour, if I do it in person. How fun it must be! Still, can’t imagine having to transcribe all of it…although it WOULD be a ton more interesting than, say, interviewing another watch brand’s regionial marketing manager, or something.

Anyway, the article really made me respect her for the impact that she’s made on the world by playing Carrie, as well as her thoughts on celebrity endorsement, and being smart and sassy, the way every girl should be. It’s kind of a super long article, but I highly recommend reading it, especially if you’re an SATC fan. 🙂

(Btw, did you know that the SATC movie starts with Carrie and Big having been together for 10 years??? TEN years! And they aren’t even married! If I’m ever in a relationship for 10 years and not yet married, remind me to get out of it. That’s all.)

And, this news is way too good to pass up: Lindsay Lohan reportedly “borrowed” someone’s mink coat from a party for three weeks! LoL This girl and LiLo were at a party sitting next to each other, and then the girl’s coat (which is worth $11,000 and was a gift from her grandmother) went missing at the end of the night, only to show up on the pages of Ok! magazine two weeks later – with LiLo wearing it! LoL The girl had to call LL’s lawyers to get it back, and they sent it back reeking of cigarette smoke and with a tear in the lining. Now the girl wants $10,000 for the three week ‘loan’…ahahahah oh dear. (Click on Lindsay’s name above to read the article.)

(Both images from the New York magazine website, credited on the articles themselves.)

Lastly, who caught the latest Gossip Girl episode?? If you haven’t, go watch it online NOW, and do NOT proceed to read this! You’ve been warned!!
K, now that that’s out of the way….WTF??? The ending? Serena’s confession to Blair? Why is Georgina a cow? I loved Jenny’s one-liner “Even you know that jealousy clashes with L.L.Bean pants” LOL oOoOo bitchy! Anyway, New York mag (again – I swear, this time surfing through it brought tons of great news) did a lil recap of this last episode – go read it! This was seriously one of the best episodes ever. Can’t wait till next week!! 😉


3 Responses

  1. I love the Daily INtel’s lowdown on Gossip Girl!! That episode was crazy. Also, this:

    Jenny uses Evite to invite people to a party instead of Facebook. What, is her Internet poor, too? Minus 3


  2. HAAAAAAAAA! LiLo is a mess. I’m sorry, that is just SKANKY that she took that girl’s coat! Wouldn’t you love to be a celebrity just for a minute so you could do some stupid crap like that!?!?
    I also adore SJP. Wait til you get to NYC–you’ll almost surely run into her if you’re hanging out in the West Village.

  3. I have that issue of NY mag in my purse right now but haven’t had time to read it yet! I wonder what the SATC movie will be like…I doubt Carrie will get married in it. and I’m such a bad new yorker–I still haven’t watched any of the Gossip Girl episodes!

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