[Livin’] On a Railroad…


The New York Times has an article on a man who built his home into an old railroad station in England. Slideshow here, and article here. It’s actually pretty interesting if

 you go through the slideshow – he put a sunken tub in the bathroom (a former cloakroom, right), as well as a wireless screen that has a floating keyboard in tub for internet access, tv, or watching dvds (I’d never get out of the tub, I don’t think…haha). It took him 3 years to completely renovate the place, which cost him 100,000 pounds to buy, and 50,000 pounds to renovate! New plans are to add an extension, but retaining the original building’s look and feel.

I love when people do things like that – reuse old buildings that have tons of history for an entirely different function from what it was originally built for. It lets me let my imagination run wild, like when I used to go to Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco, which used to be a mansion (Flood Mansion, if you wanted the name). When I went to school there I used to pretend that I was actually living in the building (not hard to do, with its wide marble staircase, and each classroom having a fireplace, and the library being a former ballroom, if I remember correctly), although my imagination would go a little wild and I’d end up getting a little scared by how big the ‘house’ is and how little I was and then stop pretending right then and there. LoL  Still, it was gorgeous and you could practically feel the history upon entering the buildings – and yes, I remember all of this even though I was only 7 years old when I moved to Hong Kong. 

Apparently it’s also quite a popular venue for weddings now (funny, my boarding school, also a Catholic all-girls school, was popular for weddings too – apparently Brooke Shields wanted to get married there but the headmistress was like “No, can’t do those dates, we’ve got [X] event going on…no, nor those dates either…” haha), and I can totally see why. Um, end random tangent.

All I’m saying is, I love when buildings are preserved, as they are so telling of the time that it was built and what it was built for, and it’s really fun just imagining what it was like decades or even centuries ago…a little trip back in time, if you will…at least in my mind. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. For some reason, this immediately made me think of The Boxcar Children.

    I used to love those books.

  2. I want that tub. 🙂

  3. I love preservation houses, too! I love walking into an old house and thinkign of its history.

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