TV Time

So, The Hills Season 3 ended this week, and there’s been tons of stuff being published (articles, interviews, etc) with the ladies of the hills. For example, the Us weekly cover with Lauren & Heidi (photo left – I scanned it quickly at Park N Shop earlier – totally back on Team LC, and still really annoyed by Speidi), or stuff all over the web about them. Example: here’s an interview with Lauren asking how much of The Hills is actually set up; here’s an article that’s pretty much a recap of the finale (so don’t read it if you haven’t seen the finale yet); and even a comparison of Gossip Girl vs The Hills.

The new season starts in August (the day before my birthday, actually…), so looking forward to that! 😉 

Anyway – who saw Desperate Housewives this week? I think Edie really did cross the line far too many times, and that they did the right thing to do what they did – I felt so terrible for Bree when Edie was standing at her door blackmailing her. She’s such a sucky friend! Still, I couldn’t help but feel slightly bad when she tried to apologize. Ah, relationships…so tricky, no? 

Also, Gossip Girl! Serena is annoying – she obviously didn’t KILL the dude. Get over it already. (Btw, did you know Blake Lively has had a nose job?) Georgina is a major beyotch. Jenny wasn’t even in this episode. And I really like Rufus and Lily even though that would make it…weird for Serena and Dan. Btw, did you see Lily and Bart’s wedding website? Yeah, for real. (Well, not for REAl, since they’re fictional characters, but you know.) Can’t wait for the finale next week!! 

Can’t wait to catch Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty this week (re-watched Mean Girls overthe wknd, and I really love Lindsay), as well as the ANTM finale (I know it’s aired, but I need to watch it online later tonight! Who are/were you rooting for? I feel like Anya’s gonna win, and I really hope to God that Fatima doesn’t) later tonight and continue Grey’s even though it’s really gone downhill – can’t help myself!

Ah, love TV. And free online streaming. 😉


4 Responses

  1. I love TV as well. Can’t WAIT for Ugly Betty tonight 🙂

  2. I loved ANTM and Gossip Girl this week. Such good shows. And Wow I didn’t know Blake had a nose job!

  3. OK, I don’t watch any of these… but I am always amused to read my bloggy buddies’ recaps of all this weirdness! 😀

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