DH, GG, and OTH season finales

SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read if you haven’t seen the episodes yet!

Desperate Housewives: First, I am glad that Kayla finally left the Scavo home – even though it’s really sad that it came to that for her and for Tom, it was still what needed to be done – the consequences of her lies would just spiral out of control: splitting Lynette up with her family, physically hurting the boys and also maybe Penny – it was just too much! Second, Maynard? Really? Ah, that’s so sad – little boys should not be given old man names! Loved Lynette’s line: “Did he die of being beat up because he was called Maynard?” haha I think they could have just given him Maynard as a middle name! Oh well…Third, it’s a relief to finally know Katherine’s secret & lies! And I love how all the ladies pulled together for her at the end, kinda like how they pulled together for Bree when Edie was blackmailing her. ❤ strong girl friendships! Fourth, Ellie getting shot was convenient, wasn’t it. Almost a little too convenient, which was kinda annoying. I loved when Gabby jumped on the handyman though, lol.

And finally…what is with the fast forwarding 5 years ahead thing? At first I was so confused – what are they doing? It’s totally OTH all over again, in terms of just skipping through time. I suppose that will make it more interesting though…I’m kinda really sad about Gabby’s future, running around with misbehaving daughters and trying to protect her pretty things, when she obviously doesn’t even have the time to make herself look good anymore. Who is Susan’s mystery dude? And I’m excited about Dylan getting married. I wonder what Julie’s up to…?

Gossip Girl: What a lame finale! There wasn’t anything really that was a cliffhanger, it just tidied everything up for everyone’s summers and left it. What is there left to wonder? I mean, it was an ok episode, but it just wasn’t dramatic enough for a finale, in my opinion.

I’m glad Georgina got what she deserved, kinda understand about Dan wanting to not stay with Serena (duh, Dan’s the nicest guy in the world and she couldn’t even trust him enough to tell him what was going on, but would tell Nate & Chuck?) Blair & Chuck…well, it was cute how they got together and I loved the expression on Chuck’s face as his dad was going on about how he’d come back from summer a changed man (lol). Maybe Blair will hook up with that other guy, there was definitely some chemistry between them!

I suppose I will miss Gossip Girl until next season, but I won’t exactly be hanging off the edge of my seat in anticipation of season 2!

One Tree Hill: It’s so sad about Dan! I’m so relieved he didn’t kill that reverend man, but it’s so sad that even after that, and helping the old man, and actually being happy for 5 minutes he gets seriously run over. I’ve taken to liking Dan for the first time ever – he knows he really messed up, and he’s really trying to make amends but no one is letting him. I hope he comes back next season and has a chance to make things right. I’m also happy for Nathan, who’s been working really hard and finally it’s starting to pay off. I totally heart lil Jamie still – he is SO cute with his swimming wings. haha As for the Lucas + Brooke/Peyton/Lindsay thing, I totally think he called Lindsay. I mean, she’s the one he was all torn up about most recently, I’m sure she’s the one on the forefront of his mind. Oh well…guess we’ll see what happens in a few months!


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  1. I thought the GG finale was a little lackluster as well – Georgina was handled way too fast (though brilliantly) and Lily and Rufus need to get their act together!!!!! Though I thought the breakup btwn Dan & Serena was pretty believable. And Chuck…oh how you’re screentime is so much more enjoyable than anybody else’s.

  2. I agree with Jessica. They wrapped up Georgina way too fast and easy. Blair was able to get that information *and* contact her parents all in, what, six hours? I mean, seriously… I think the suspense for me is whether or not Serena is getting together with Nate… they seemed *awfully* cozy at the end. I totally didn’t think Blair and Chuck were going to work, but I thought it was a funny attempt. Oh and I think it makes sense that Serena told Chuck and Nate but not Dan about “killing “the guy. She loves Dan and wants him to only see her as being good, but she doesn’t care as much about what Chuck and Nate think, and like they all said, they’ve all done horrible things. But Dan is a “good boy” and I think she thought that he wouldn’t “get it” the way they did. Well, that’s my interpretation at least.

  3. Jessica: I know what you mean about the Georgina thing – that really was awfully quick! haha

    Allison: I get what you mean about Serena and Dan – that does really make sense! haha Still, it was frustrating because as a viewer I felt like Dan WOULD have understood and even tried to help her out. Ya know?

  4. The GG finale was definitely lame. I was expecting something much more explosive. The Georgina storyline I thought ended a little weak but it’s over with. I can’t believe Dan/Serena split but I did like the Chuck/Blair stuff until he turned into a whore again.

    DH was a definite surprise at the end. I’m curious how they’re going to work that next year. But overall decent.

  5. OMG, I’m so mad I missed the season finale of DH!! I wonder if there is somewhere I can watch the entire episode!!??!?

  6. Inga: you can watch it on sidereel.com, just search for Desperate Housewives and then a whole list of links will come up once you’ve clicked on it. I watch everything online cause HK doesn’t air anything as quickly!!

  7. I feel like I should be interested in Gossip Girl.

    …but for some reason, I just can’t do it.

  8. i’m not sure about the skip in desperate housewives. i don’t know that i want to see eva longoria looking less than perfect.

  9. Getdone: I totally agree about eva longoria! It makes me sad to see her go from glamour gabby to run down, don’t-have-time-to-care-how-i-look gabby!

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