Carrie’s Apartment

I love her apartment. Ok fine so it’s actually a set, but I still love it. I can totally see me living in an apt similar to her’s (at least while I’m still single) and decorated like that (although slightly less cluttered!). I also love her closet, it’s genius that the hallway to the bathroom is her closet, since that totally maximizes closet space:

According to the HBO website, “the walls are a soft shade of celery green washed with a lavender iridescent glaze (“it looks better on screen – it has a glow about it,” Jeremy Conway, SATC’s Production Designer explains)”, and everything has a slightly weathered, “flea market feel – weathered paint, mismatched chairs and tables, lived-in fabrics – and for a good reason: many of the pieces were snatched up by Conway and his team at New York City flea markets and second-hand stores”.

All the details that went into each character’s apartment is actually pretty interesting, so here are links for:

Charlotte’s apartment
Miranda’s apartment
Samantha’s apartment

Which one’s your fave?

I also really like Monica’s apartment in Friends, which also has all the mis-matched furniture but in a way that seems to work. (And I totally love the purple door w/the yellow frame around the peephole. I want a purple door!) Ah, I so can’t wait to do up my own apartment!


7 Responses

  1. I absolutely love Samantha’s apartment. That one is the most “me.” Maybe that’s why I live in a renovated warehouse? hahaha

  2. I really like Carrie’s apartment. But if I had to choose…I’d choose Monica’s from Friends! I love all the mismatched stuff 🙂

  3. please I need to know the name of the blue paint on her walls! I love it!

  4. I liked Miranda’s and Carrie’s apt the best. There’s something I loved about Carrie’s cluttered living space. ..and I hate clutter (lol)..but she made it look good!

  5. I’m going to have to say Carrie’s, especially because I have the same Calvin Klein bed set!

  6. I want this damn apartment sooo bad!

  7. […] and it looks really fresh, gorgeous, comfy but modern, and definitely a LOT less cluttered than her previous apartment. Casa Sugar has two posts on the sets, here and […]

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