Things I love:

1. My dad. He called me and asked what I plan on doing for health/medical insurance when I move, and I said I hadn’t thought about it yet, as it’ll depend on when I get a job. So he just said “Well, since you don’t know when you’ll have one yet I’ll just get it for you first.” 🙂 THANKS DAD! (Not that he even knows how to get to my blog, but you know. Just in case. 😉 )

2. There’s a huge party for Coach tonight, as they’re celebrating the opening of their flagship store here in Hong Kong. John Mayer and DJ AM will both be there, and my sister’s been whining about it all week, but I couldn’t do anything about it since random people in my office got invites but I didn’t! That is, until today…I managed to get my name on the list (a really sweet PR girl I know offered!) when I was at the ribbon cutting earlier today, and my sister has my business cards and a friend who’s going so they get to go. Yup, I sacrificed seeing John Mayer for FREE and LIVE for the lil sis. She’s a way bigger fan than I am anyway. 🙂 (Plus, I called dibs on the gift bag, if there is one. Which there should be. haha)

3. Fridays when I don’t have to work Saturdays. No explanation needed.

4. Dreaming about working at big publishing house like Random House. Y’kno they have incredible, insanely good benefits??? Seriously. Ah, one day…I can practically see my business card already. 😉

Things I hate:

1. The weather right now. It’s been raining steadily for the last 2 days, yesterday on the way to work I was soaked up to my thighs! Today was pretty bad too, on and off constantly. Plus, despite the sun not showing its head, it’s incredibly, stinking, HOT. Ick. 

2. The end of the month, b/c that’s when the funds run low. Thank God Sunday is the 1st! Woo hoo. Already worked out my budget for June – there’ll be tons of $$ being poured into the NY fund (about 55% of my monthly salary!), which means less money for me to spend now, which sucks too. (Louboutins are calling my name…can you hear that???)


6 Responses

  1. hey let me know how the JM show goes. i am so envious.

  2. You are the bestest sister 🙂 I wish I had one!

  3. More loves than hates, always good!

  4. 1. Your dad sounds great.
    2. You are an AWESOME sister!
    3. Woo hoo!
    4. Right?!

    Have a great weekend, my dear! 🙂

  5. I’m insanely jealous about the Coach party. I love Coach. That’s sweet of your dad to help, mine still does that too and I always love it when he does 🙂

    FYI: I’m a mix of Carrie and Charlotte’s place, but Carrie’s is probably more realistically me.

  6. That was so nice of you to give it up for your sister – I’m obsessed with John Mayer and no matter how much my sister loved him, I think I’d still go! Haha.

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