Instead of studying for the GREs…

I could be (or would rather be):

  • Going through my books and doing a little ‘research’ – that is, making a list sorted by publisher, of my fave books (in case it comes up during an interview – you never know)
  • Browsing craigslist for apts in me and my (new!) roomie’s budgets – just to see what’s available. Of course, and also dreaming about how I’d decorate my new home. Duh.
  • Catching up on blogs. My blog reader must be at something crazy.
  • Sleeping. I got up at 7.30 this morning so that I could get to work at 9 and thus could leave after the interview I did with a designer (ever heard of Issa? From London?) at 4. The prospect of having to leave the house tomorrow morning at 7.30 is making me tired just thinking about it.
  • Watching You’ve Got Mail for the 10 thousandth time – I love that movie, and it’s been on my mind lately and I just feel like watching it again.
  • Playing mah jong w/the fam, even though lately I’ve been sucking and other ppl keep winning b/c of me!
  • Online window shopping, one of my fave activities.
  • Chatting to the fam.
  • Listening to my newly downloaded music (defo loving The Ting Tings, although I’ve only heard a few songs so far!!)
  • Drawing – really need to get back into the habit.

The point is, I suppose, that I really don’t see grad school in the near future, and I hate that I still feel the pressure to do well and to not feel like a complete failure even if I’m the only one who knows my score at the end of it. I’ve always done fairly well in standardized testing, but I’ve also always been in school and actually doing math or whatever. But, seriously – who after colleges remembers that the circumference of a circle is 2 x pi x the radius? I’ll be even math majors don’t remember – college math must go way beyond the circumference of a circle…

Anyway. Even if later I decide I wanna go to grad school after all, I feel like I’d wanna take the GRE again anyway, so I guess I’ll just review for another hour or so and go to bed at 11. (Sleep’s meant to help, right? 😛


It’s raining something crazy outside…thunderstorming and everything. Woke up at about 6 b/c of it and haven’t been able to fall asleep, then turned on the TV to discover it’s a red rainstorm cloud warning…and all half and whole day schools have been cancelled, and since the GRE was meant to be at a school, I’m guessing it’s cancelled too. No WAY am I stepping outside in that weather, guess I’ll just have to use my persuasive skills to try and get a refund later OR just take it later. 🙂 Will be uploading a pic of what it looks like from my apt in a bit…!


2 Responses

  1. yeah I’ve been thinking lately about going back for my MBA but I don’t know if I can get in the school mindframe anymore, including studying and writing papers on top of work!

  2. I LOVE You’ve Got Mail!

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