Thoughts on Moving

It’s so weird to be packing up and moving my life halfway across the world, to be off in search of the next adventure, the next experiences that life will throw at me. I was sitting on my bed after making lists of what books and DVDs to bring with me when it occurred to me how weird it is to be moving my things with me and run off to the other side of the world, solely on the account of me wanting to, and not because of school, or to go home and see family, or what have you.

Ok, so it’s not like I’m packing already, I mean I still have 88 days left, according to my handy Facebook countdown widget. But making the lists was just another step in preparing for my move (on top of stalking craigslist apartment listings, just to have an idea of what I can get for my – and my roommate-to-be’s – budgets), and the move is becoming more real every day.

My roommate-to-be is moving in August and starts her job in September (wish I already had a job sorted out!), and she’s planning on getting a head start in apartment hunting, which of course will only help me. I’ll have to sort a guarantor out and all the paperwork that goes with that, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. It makes me feel somewhat more settled that things are coming together and I won’t be moving completely clueless and have to hit the ground running (like a chicken with its head cut off) to find a job AND apartment in one go.

Plus, my parents are actually finally taking me seriously about this. The other day my mom even said she wants to help me find a job if she can, contact some people who may be able to help me. 🙂 Isn’t that so sweet?

Anyway. Just some Sunday afternoon thoughts. It’s nice that all this is becoming more real every day, even if sometimes I can’t really believe that I’m actually doing this myself. 😉 (Btw I LOVE 3-day weekends. Too bad I’m working the next 2 Saturdays, so this coming work week is still a 5-day week for me!!)


4 Responses

  1. That’s all great news–best of luck with the move and preparing for it. I just moved back home after finishing college, but already I have an itch to find my own place.

  2. Good for you on this move. It’s scary and a big step but you’ll be so glad when you did it. It’s a great test.

  3. Good Luck on the Move, its good to start early, because it will sneak up on you fast and it will be the day of your move before you know it!

  4. I moved to NYC without knowing anyone and it’s been great! Bloggers are a good way to make new friends too.
    Check out for possible jobs or I have a friend that got three offers last week on jobs through glocap! Good luck!

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