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It ain’t easy to be less rich…according to the NY Times. LoL This article is hilarious – only in the sense that the major problem is keeping up appearances and not worrying about losing a roof over their heads, or even that they’ll have to eat ramen until the economy gets better! 

The new iPhone will be out worldwide (around 70 countries as opposed to the current 6) July 11th –
yay! Plus, it’s way cheaper, which I’m loving – US$199 for the 8GB, and US$299 for the 16GB. (The only thing I’m unsure about is winter time in NYC – what if someone calls or I need to make a call when I’m outside and it’s freezing and I’ll need to dig it out of my bag PLUS take off my gloves just so I can use the touchscreen? That can defo be annoying…) I hope they sell it unlocked this time ’round…! Hm, a Typepad application will be free (scroll down to see it, it’s at 1:46pm) but no word about wordpress yet. 

Can the new iPhone compete with the new Blackberry Bold? I like the look of it for sure…

**Possible SATC spoilers ahead! Please don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet.** I realize this is slightly late, but I only saw SATC yesterday, so here’s the NY Times review of it. I personally thought that I cried way too much and laughed not enough! I dunno, it was just so depressing and I didn’t really come out of the movie feeling good, which I guess is what I wanted. Still, I loved seeing them all in NYC again, and I like Carrie’s redecorated apartment (it was about time!), and that bouquet scene with Carrie and Big was heart-wrenching – everyone I know who saw the movie cried at that point! haha. Ah. Also, when she first arrives in Mexico and takes off her sunglasses and looks, well, terrible, my heart went out to her because she looked just wretched, which is so far from the Carrie we normally see on the show, even post-breakup or Big-trauma. So, points for being realistic there!

Stuck on a Father’s Day gift idea and you know he’s a fan of whiskey? The perfect present: engraved Blue Label. Swanky.


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  1. Now I kind of want a new phone… and an engraved bottle of whiskey!

    And I agree about the movie– I didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would, and I was sad more than I thought I would be. I still thought it was worth seeing, though!

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