Avoiding the GRE

So, I was meant to take the GREs on Saturday morning, somewhere really far away on Kowloon side, supposedly by the old airport. I checked ypmaps.com and the closest MTR station was Lok Fu (who’s heard of that stop? Raise your hand. You’re the only one.) and I would have had to take a cab over because I did not really think it’d be fun to wander the streets of some distant land at 8am.

So Friday night I set my alarm for 6.30 (I would have had to leave at 7.30 to make it for 8.30), but woke up at 6am thanks to the POURING rain and thunder going on outside. I got up and went to check out the weather from our balcony, and they sky was green-ish and it was definitely not normal. I checked the TV and the gov’t had issued the Red rainstorm warning signal (it goes from Amber (lightest) to Red to Black (heavy rain)), and along the side of the screen it said that all schools were cancelled for the day (local schools in HK sometimes have 1/2 day Saturday classes). I asked my dad what he would do and he said he didn’t know, and I didn’t even have the phone number to call the school (not like anyone would really have been there at 6am anyway) so just sat around kinda anxiously.

This is what the view from my bedroom looks like on a good day:

This is what it looked like on Saturday:

I checked the GRE website, but that was absolutely no help at all (as usual). There was no number to call, only an email address for the ONE office that handles all of the Asia Pacific region. Um, email wouldn’t help me when the GRE is 2 hrs away.

At 7am I’m staring out into the rain and realize that there is no way I’m going to be trekking around outside in that weather for a test I don’t even want to take, and go back to bed, and just in time, too, as the Black rainstorm cloud signal was hoisted. I figured I’d deal w/the GRE later.

View from the balcony

Tuesday I email the Asia Pacific office and explain what happened and ask for a refund (heehee), and I get a reply yesterday morning saying that I need to print out the reply email (it’s got a tracking code & case ID in it) and fax it along with my ‘documentation’ – a newspaper clipping or online news article printed out to the number in the email. Luckily my dad hadn’t thrown out the Sunday paper yet and right there on the front page: “Record Rain Kills Two”. See, I wasn’t kidding about this rain!! 😉 Then I find one online from the Xinhua news agency that said all schools were closed for the day due to the rain. 🙂 Perf!

Now let’s hope I actually get a refund…!!!


4 Responses

  1. at least you guys are getting weather as bad as us brits!

  2. Fingers are crossed for the refund. That is an amazing view on a good day, but yeah I probably wouldn’t have gone in that bad weather. The GRE is not worth that.

  3. Fingers crossed!

    And holy crap you have a GREAT view!

  4. Wow, that’s some crazy weather! Have you seen the flooding in Iowa? I cannot believe how much water is covering entire buildings and cars!

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