What is it about a good breakfast that is just so much more satisfying than a good lunch/dinner? At least for me, anyway. I could eat breakfast foods all day. Bring on the Belgian waffles, crispy bacon, buttered toast (possibly with jam!), English breakfast tea, soft boiled eggs w/strips of toast (or ‘soldiers’, as the English call them), eggs sunny side up, Eggs Benedict, bagels with salmon and cream cheese, hash browns/corned beef hash, French toast…the list goes on. I love it all! 

New York Magazine has a guide to NYC’s best breakfasts, where you’ll find the best Chinese breakfast, best Mexican breakfast, best eggs, best whatever-breakfast-food-you-can-think-of! Be warned, though, by the end of the article my mouth was definitely watering and I couldn’t help wishing it was time for breakfast instead of dinner! (Though tonight the lil sis is helping make some Mexican food at home, another fave!)

Most of my favourite meals from my last NYC trip were the brunches (although I think I really only had three – the rest of time I was eating artichokes for breakfast at my friend’s place, or the time I bought a bagel at Dunkin Donuts before walking 30 blocks uptown), and I’m excited to find new breakfast/brunch places upon my return. (Doesn’t that picture above just make your mouth water? Yummmmm! Go read the description of that French toast! (Scroll down to the 3rd paragraph). I guarantee you’ll be salivating. 😉 )

Photo from New York Magazine


5 Responses

  1. I would eat breakfast foods all day too. Actually I had cereal for dinner so that’s true 😉 Great picture, look so good!

  2. I definitely agree. I also really like your blog =)

  3. I haven’t had french toast in years! That does look good though. So you getting excited about your move? Are you nervous? Any job leads yet?

  4. Thank you, Madame! 🙂

    Inga: Yes I’m still excited and still nervous…no job leads yet, I think it’s too early. I’ll start looking towards the end of August, although I really do feel like it’ll be easier to apply once I have a local address/phone number! 🙂

  5. I love breakfast. There’s a great old diner about five minutes from my house that serve THE BEST pancakes EVER.

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