The things people’s t-shirts say…

This is what I had the pleasure of reading on my way to work this morning:

I debated whether or not to bother snapping a picture, but then decided it was far too precious a moment to let go without any photographic evidence whatsoever. I felt a little stalker-esque as I held my phone up as it slowly snapped a pic and had to keep up with the kid, lol.

The thing is, I bet he has no idea that what it says is even offensive. People in Hong Kong wear really awesome t-shirts that tend to just not make any sense. For example, there’s a local brand here called “as know as de base”. First of all, it should be “as knowN as”, and second, what in the lord’s name is “de base”? Even Urban Dictionary doesn’t have a definition yet!

I’ve seen too many random sentences on shirts around here, but can’t for the life of me remember any of them (possibly just because it’s difficult to remember things that make absolutely no sense…).

If I see any more, though, I’ll be sure to snap and share…you know you’re looking forward to it! 😉


Dressing Rooms of the Future

Bloomingdales dressing room

Forbes had an interesting article on dressing rooms, published online on Tuesday. Dressing Rooms of the Future discusses how retailers have largely overlooked dressing rooms and the experience one has in them while shopping, which is so true. For example, Fred Dust, partner of a business design consultant firm, says, “When you are in a store looking to buy an item of clothing, there are two moments of truth–when you take it off the shelf and when you try it on in the store.” So true! Another good quote from the article:

The Internet has revolutionized the way catalog shopping is conducted, and increasingly shoppers are avoiding fitting rooms altogether, opting instead to take advantage of liberal return policies and bring merchandise home to try on. But bricks and mortars have not done much to make shoppers want to spend more time in their stores, says Bo Begole, principle scientist at PARC, a firm specializing in innovation and scientific research for technology companies.

Again, that totally rings true, although I’m not entirely sure if it’s just because I’m too lazy to change into different clothes and then change back or to wait in line for a dressing room, or just because the dressing rooms aren’t cool enough. Still I have to admit that if I knew the dressing room was super cool, I’m pretty sure I’d go try stuff on more often, just for the fun of it!

For example, this Nordstrom’s dressing room in Hawaii (above) is called “the apartment”, with couches, a flat screen TV, and fashion magazines for friends of shoppers to sit around in – great idea, since girls normally shop in groups and tend to like to get a second opinion. I mean – I feel like if I were shopping there I’d go just to hang out when I wanted a break, and business-wise, if I go and I see someone else trying on something cute, I’m likely to go find one to try one on myself.

Or, in the first picture, a dressing room at Bloomingdales, is interactive, allowing you to connect with friends and family in other states as you’re trying stuff on to get their opinions, and they can also help suggest other items for you to try on. The article explains:

Through inventory tagging, the dressing room registers the items shoppers take in to try on and produces video and images of the merchandise. A touch screen gives shoppers the option to invite friends. Through their personal cellphone or key pad, they can then send an e-mail or text message to friends. By clicking on a url and logging on to a Web site, the friends can see the items being tried on and make comments.

The site will also suggest other merchandise in the store. The shopper can then click on one of the recommendations, and make it appear in the mirror superimposed over his image, as though he were trying on the garment.

Genius, no? I’d love to try that superimposing thing! The only thing is that it’s super expensive to have all that technology, so no idea when it will all be implemented. Still, it’s progress that they’re even testing everything out.

Full article

Damn work and being responsible…

So the weather’s been gorgeous past week, and I got invited for this huge boat party tomorrow (Saturday), but again, I can’t go because I’m working! (Was invited on the same friend’s boat last Saturday too).

And, even if I did want to just ditch it and go anyway, I can’t do that since we’re going to print tomorrow night and I’m the only native English writer at the magazine, and generally just because I’m too damn responsible. Why do I have to be so responsible? (Actually, WHY do we have to work Saturdays to begin with???)

Blah. At least I’ve got next weekend to look forward to, then my own party the weekend after (I hope the weather is gorgeous that day)! So I will just have to make up for lost time the next two weekends…

Plans this weekend?


First, I was very pleasantly surprised when Ashley over at Turquoise Ribbons gave me my first blog award, The Brilliante Weblog Award. Behold:

According to the ‘rules’ of this award, I now have to pass it on to 7 other bloggers. I’ll do that at the end of this post. (You can bet that’s going in my sidebar…)

Second, I quit. I mean, I handed in my resignation yesterday! I feel kind of bad because for my boss, it was completely coming out of left field, you know what I mean? His face had a mixture of disbelief, disappointment, anger, and I sensed some stress (at trying to find more people to come work here). Eek. The weird thing is, when I told him I was moving, the first thing he said was “Your parents are allowing you to leave?” Um, yes. I’m nearly 24, and maybe it’s about time I was completely independent? So, it’s official. I’m officially unemployed as of August 23rd. Eek!

Third, I have 80% of my NYC Fund all saved up! Woo! Not only that, but somehow I’m getting richer and I still have extra money to shop and do fun things with my friends. 😀 I love money, and money evidently loves me very much too.

Fourth, August is the month of birthdays! Two of my friends are having their birthdays on Saturday the 2nd (BBQ in the afternoon, clubbing in the evening), and then my celebration’s the weekend after. August is gonna ROCK! (Aside from the fact that Aug 2nd is my only Saturday off until I quit. Yuck.) And I still have my going away to plan as well…hmmm what to do!

Fifth, it’s finally stopped raining in Hong Kong. It’s been sunny for – get this – two days in a row! NO WAII. Wai. NO WAII. WAI, I’m telling you!

Ok, on to bloggy awards!

  1. JenBun over at The Good, Bad, and Lovely. Because she’s got tons of personality, and I bet we’d be great friends if we ever met. haha
  2. Summer at It’s Like Magic! Because she has the same birthday as me, and is also moving to NYC and looking for a job in book publishing. Everyone say, “HI, SUMMER!” (Plus, she’s funny. And likes Gossip Girl and headbands.)
  3. Jessica Maria, an NYC blogger, because she has awesome taste in music, and her and her fiance are seriously sweet (but not sickeningly, gag-me-with-a-spoon sweet). I’m gonna find me a love like that someday! 😉
  4. Inga, over at Brown Girl, because her blog is gorgeous, and so are the photos she shares! Plus, she just started a new side blog all related to interior decorating, filled with fresh, gorgeous pics of beautiful apartments/homes!
  5. Becoming a New Yorker, because she writes about all the little bits of New York-ness she encounters ever since moving there, and takes tons of pictures around the city as she explores it. Pretty much what I want to do once I move!
  6. Satire City – another NYC blogger, is a lovely writer. Plus, her latest post is about seeing ‘movie landmarks’ in person – this one’s the cafe in You’ve Got Mail (the scene where Tom Hanks is shaking the rails and going “I KNEW SHE’D BE PRETTY!” and going nuts) one of my fave movies ever!
  7. And last, but definitely not least, is The Everyday Adventures of Me in the City (no, not a New York blogger – Chicago!).

Now go amongst yourselves and pass it on to 7 more people!

I’m out.


Oh dear God, the wikipedia entry on “preppy” is hilarious.

“Where do you summer?” is a quintessential prep question, since a prep’s vacation location is as important to his or her status as where he or she primarily lives. Locations tend to be predominately in the Northeast, but other warmer climates can serve as wintertime retreats. It is important to note that preps generally vacation at the same location year after year and often own real estate there. Vacations are an essential aspect of the authentic preppy way of life.

The reason I looked it up is because my dear friend Watson’s birthday is coming up, with the theme being “Preppy Chic and Sexy Geek”. I. Have. Nothing. To. Wear. I mean sure I have a couple polos and and some track pants, but I donated my boarding school uniform when I graduated and gave all my knee socks away to my sister (who still had 2 years left) and I cannot recall owning any plaid aside from a pair of flannel pajama pants.

Now what? The wikipedia definition of preppy in terms of fashion:

In fashion, the term “preppy” is associated not with dramatic designer fashions, but with classic and conservative clothing and accessory brands such as Brooks Brothers, J. Press, J.Crew, J. Mclaughlin, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, L.L. Bean, and Patagonia, among several others. An example of preppy attire would be a button-down Oxford cloth shirt, cuffed khakis, and cordovan loafers.

WikiHow even has three articles on dressing preppy: “How to Look Preppy“, “How to Be a Preppy Girl“, and of course the male version. And plus, now Gossip Girl has brought the preppy look to the forefront, and amping it up several notches.

I thought the research might help me some, but I’m still clueless. Especially since I’ll have to wear something athletic-like and understated out to a club…? Tennis whites & pearls? Headbands & argyle? Damn the theme. (I’m only stressed because I love you Wats, and know it’s important to you that I dress up!!)

The Joy of Wearing Sunglasses

I actually wore sunglasses today.

This is noteworthy, because:

a) it’s been raining continuously for over 2 months
b) when it hasn’t been raining, it’s been overcast/gloomy
c) I almost always wear glasses to work, so obviously can’t wear sunglasses when I don’t have my contacts in (I really don’t care what I look at work. If you ever saw me during the workday you would understand.).

I put them on at home and didn’t take them off until I got to my desk at work. Gotta take full advantage of this sunglasses-wearing opportunity, after all. I love my sunnies (all 3 pairs of them). Dark circles/puffy eyes instantly disappear, and even when you’re not wearing makeup (like me everyday at work, unless I have an event to go to) you still look decent. (Unfortunately, no matter what shades I put on, I will still never look like Gisele.)

I’ve missed my sunglasses. And hopefully the weather will still be gorgeous at lunch so I can sit outside and wear them again. (The things I get excited about…!)

Now the goal is to actually get into a bikini at some point before the ‘summer’ is over! (I am so pale even my family and co-workers have commented. I swear I’ve never been this pale mid-July before – normally I’m black. Literally.)

Wordle is fun!

Bored? Go to, where they translate URLs or words into an image like the one above, which is one of this blog. 🙂 (I’m really productive at work, evidently.) Try it, it’s fun! 🙂 (Took me ages to sort out the font/colour scheme!)