The Joy of Wearing Sunglasses

I actually wore sunglasses today.

This is noteworthy, because:

a) it’s been raining continuously for over 2 months
b) when it hasn’t been raining, it’s been overcast/gloomy
c) I almost always wear glasses to work, so obviously can’t wear sunglasses when I don’t have my contacts in (I really don’t care what I look at work. If you ever saw me during the workday you would understand.).

I put them on at home and didn’t take them off until I got to my desk at work. Gotta take full advantage of this sunglasses-wearing opportunity, after all. I love my sunnies (all 3 pairs of them). Dark circles/puffy eyes instantly disappear, and even when you’re not wearing makeup (like me everyday at work, unless I have an event to go to) you still look decent. (Unfortunately, no matter what shades I put on, I will still never look like Gisele.)

I’ve missed my sunglasses. And hopefully the weather will still be gorgeous at lunch so I can sit outside and wear them again. (The things I get excited about…!)

Now the goal is to actually get into a bikini at some point before the ‘summer’ is over! (I am so pale even my family and co-workers have commented. I swear I’ve never been this pale mid-July before – normally I’m black. Literally.)


One Response

  1. Yay! I wore my sunglasses this morning too… mainly to shield my eyes from any sort of light due to a blinding hangover, but still… yay! 😉

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