Oh dear God, the wikipedia entry on “preppy” is hilarious.

“Where do you summer?” is a quintessential prep question, since a prep’s vacation location is as important to his or her status as where he or she primarily lives. Locations tend to be predominately in the Northeast, but other warmer climates can serve as wintertime retreats. It is important to note that preps generally vacation at the same location year after year and often own real estate there. Vacations are an essential aspect of the authentic preppy way of life.

The reason I looked it up is because my dear friend Watson’s birthday is coming up, with the theme being “Preppy Chic and Sexy Geek”. I. Have. Nothing. To. Wear. I mean sure I have a couple polos and and some track pants, but I donated my boarding school uniform when I graduated and gave all my knee socks away to my sister (who still had 2 years left) and I cannot recall owning any plaid aside from a pair of flannel pajama pants.

Now what? The wikipedia definition of preppy in terms of fashion:

In fashion, the term “preppy” is associated not with dramatic designer fashions, but with classic and conservative clothing and accessory brands such as Brooks Brothers, J. Press, J.Crew, J. Mclaughlin, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, L.L. Bean, and Patagonia, among several others. An example of preppy attire would be a button-down Oxford cloth shirt, cuffed khakis, and cordovan loafers.

WikiHow even has three articles on dressing preppy: “How to Look Preppy“, “How to Be a Preppy Girl“, and of course the male version. And plus, now Gossip Girl has brought the preppy look to the forefront, and amping it up several notches.

I thought the research might help me some, but I’m still clueless. Especially since I’ll have to wear something athletic-like and understated out to a club…? Tennis whites & pearls? Headbands & argyle? Damn the theme. (I’m only stressed because I love you Wats, and know it’s important to you that I dress up!!)


4 Responses

  1. Maybe you can look at some of Gossip Girl’s fashions for some ideas? What they wear is DEFINITELY preppy.

  2. Maybe you can look at some of Gossip Girl’s fashons for some ideas? What they wear is DEFINITELY preppy.

  3. Pleated short skirt, a polo shirt or v-necked sleeveless shirt (not a tank top), sweater tied around your shoulders. I’m hopeless when it comes to shoes, unfortunately.

  4. Definitely pearls and argyle! Sounds fun!

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