Dressing Rooms of the Future

Bloomingdales dressing room

Forbes had an interesting article on dressing rooms, published online on Tuesday. Dressing Rooms of the Future discusses how retailers have largely overlooked dressing rooms and the experience one has in them while shopping, which is so true. For example, Fred Dust, partner of a business design consultant firm, says, “When you are in a store looking to buy an item of clothing, there are two moments of truth–when you take it off the shelf and when you try it on in the store.” So true! Another good quote from the article:

The Internet has revolutionized the way catalog shopping is conducted, and increasingly shoppers are avoiding fitting rooms altogether, opting instead to take advantage of liberal return policies and bring merchandise home to try on. But bricks and mortars have not done much to make shoppers want to spend more time in their stores, says Bo Begole, principle scientist at PARC, a firm specializing in innovation and scientific research for technology companies.

Again, that totally rings true, although I’m not entirely sure if it’s just because I’m too lazy to change into different clothes and then change back or to wait in line for a dressing room, or just because the dressing rooms aren’t cool enough. Still I have to admit that if I knew the dressing room was super cool, I’m pretty sure I’d go try stuff on more often, just for the fun of it!

For example, this Nordstrom’s dressing room in Hawaii (above) is called “the apartment”, with couches, a flat screen TV, and fashion magazines for friends of shoppers to sit around in – great idea, since girls normally shop in groups and tend to like to get a second opinion. I mean – I feel like if I were shopping there I’d go just to hang out when I wanted a break, and business-wise, if I go and I see someone else trying on something cute, I’m likely to go find one to try one on myself.

Or, in the first picture, a dressing room at Bloomingdales, is interactive, allowing you to connect with friends and family in other states as you’re trying stuff on to get their opinions, and they can also help suggest other items for you to try on. The article explains:

Through inventory tagging, the dressing room registers the items shoppers take in to try on and produces video and images of the merchandise. A touch screen gives shoppers the option to invite friends. Through their personal cellphone or key pad, they can then send an e-mail or text message to friends. By clicking on a url and logging on to a Web site, the friends can see the items being tried on and make comments.

The site will also suggest other merchandise in the store. The shopper can then click on one of the recommendations, and make it appear in the mirror superimposed over his image, as though he were trying on the garment.

Genius, no? I’d love to try that superimposing thing! The only thing is that it’s super expensive to have all that technology, so no idea when it will all be implemented. Still, it’s progress that they’re even testing everything out.

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4 Responses

  1. That superimposed image is so cool! I wish they had those in all stores so I didn’t have to try on clothes. That would be amazing!

  2. HAWAII?!?! Okay well I know the first place I’m going when I get home.

  3. Holy sh*t that is genius. I would like that so I don’t have to take my clothes off or return items to the store. Personally, I go old-school enough that I actually put clothing on over my current ones at stores if possible.

  4. Those are awesome!

    Let’s go shopping!!! 😀

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