Just got back from the family vaycay earlier tonight, was meant to go out but am so tired that I couldn’t actually muster any energy to go anywhere! Great trip, and I loved spending quality time with the fam 🙂

This time next week I am still en route to NYC, though I’d be landing in about 2 hours. How weird is that? It’s all coming up so quickly, even though at the same time I feel like I’d been waiting to move for forever! (Well, I’ve been wanting to move to NYC for just under a year now, and it’s been 5 months since I bought my one way ticket.)

I’m borderline really sad about leaving all my friends and family, and really excited to start a new life for myself in NYC – and the thought actually both electrifies and terrifies me at the same time. I think Quin once in an email conversation, told me that it’s good to do things that scare you – I hope she’s right! In the meantime though, I know I’ll be crying buckets this week as I have to pack up my life here and say goodbye to everyone. Part of me still thinks I’m crazy to leave when I have such a comfortable life with great people in it – that definitely doesn’t come easily. Still, I also know that career-wise, Hong Kong isn’t where I need to be right now, and I’m only 24, I need to go forth and explore, maybe rough it a little bit (although knowing me I’ll find ways to not have to…haha) and shake up my world a little bit, plug into the electricity of New York City and all that it has to offer.

More goodbye entries to come this week, I think, and then next week I’ll finally be able to start posting about the city itself, what I’ve been meaning to do since I started this blog!


The first goodbye…

So after buying 8 pairs of shoes and one item of clothing each, I had my first goodbye, with Ange Pants. (Photo at left is a perfect example of the two of us. We’re either being weird, making faces, acting really stupid or just laughing for no reason at all.)

I didn’t expect to cry – how can you get emotional after gorging on shoes all day?? But as we hugged I actually really just didn’t wanna let go! (She’s like my lovahhh 😉 ) Tears just started forming in my eyes and they kept falling out as I tried to let her know how much she meant to me without sounding totally trite, but I think I failed and just sounded like I was in love. haha (Ah, am totally tearing up as I write this!)

It’s amazing, the friendships and bonds that can form with people over just a year and a half – we clicked right away when we met, and when we were roommates at a shoot in Langkawi at the Four Seasons (back when I was a stylist at my old job, she’s a makeup artist), and we’ve been tight ever since.

As I walked away I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was crazy to let go of all my awesome friends here, crazy to leave a life that I do love here, with the security of family and friends, but I also knew that I was just being emotional and that I must have planned this out because it really is something that I want, regardless of how sad I am to leave everyone.

Anyway, am off to Malaysia w/the fam for a week (assuming we’re allowed to leave today – it’s Typhoon 8!), and I promise I’ll catch up on blogs when I’m back! Have a great week everyone. 🙂

Update in Numbers

2 days until my birthday. I’m really looking forward to the family dinner then drinks w/friends after, and since Wednesday is my last day, that means I can party all night long without worrying about having to get up early on Thursday. 🙂

3 days left of work, including today. (I count today because it’s work. And not fun. And it’s still before half the work day is over!) Hard to believe, especially since I don’t feel like there’s only three days left!

Had a good weekend, aside from working all day Saturday and from being bitten 4 times by mosquitos in about half an hour (killed two though, woo!) while lounging poolside after work with a margarita in hand (definitely the best way to unwind, I’m telling you!). (Thanks Ange!)

5 days until the family trip to Malaysia – really looking forward to that, too. I’ll be spending all my time poolside with my shades, iPod, bottle of SPF 30 (no skin cancer for me, thank you very much), books and magazines, and just chilling out with the fam. Love that there’ll be at least one last family vacation until God knows when I’ll see my family next…

18 days until I move. I keep alternating from being kind of really terrified to incredibly excited – I think it’ll all come down to how quickly I find myself a job! Not having a steady income in a place as expensive as NYC makes me really nervous! Anyone know anyone in book publishing and would like to help a girl out? 🙂

Happy (early) bday to me!

My bday celebrations were a little early this year, celebrating 10 days prior to my actual birthday, for various reasons. I had the best time ever. Despite people complaining that it was too early (Watson: “I hate you so hard right now” – hm, well who told you to go out till 4am?? 😛 ). I had the best day, and am so grateful for everyone who came out! This was definitely a birthday not to forget…

Next up, my REAL birthday drinks… 😉

Random tidbits

Today was Typhoon 8, and it didn’t go down to Typhoon 3 until 5-something pm, which means I got a whole (paid) day off work. I’m so going to miss typhoon days…!

Last weekend was my GBF’s birthday party, the one where I had to go all preppy/geeky for. This is the end result:

Candice (left) and me.

I had a Burberry “inspired” headband on with a bow, red lips, Lacoste polo, suspenders (that didn’t actually totally fit – they were unclipped at the back since if they stayed on my skirt would have gone up to around my armpits – really should have taken a FAIL photo…would have been amusing!), a brown pleated skirt (well, half pleats), and some bronze shoes. I was trying to channel Blair Waldorf in attitude (hence just trying to explain away my usual bitchiness 😉 ), and that is my bitchy face. Fun! haha

On Sunday somehow all the photos got deleted off my camera 😦 I’ve been really sad ever since, and really paranoid about uploading photos now.

Tonight I am going out again, braving the wind & rain for Miss Ange’s bf’s surprise birthday thingie. I suppose I should start getting ready soon-ish…

The weather forecast is ‘slightly rainy’ for my junk trip on Sunday 😦 This makes me sad. But I’m still determined to have fun – will have to remember to bring cards and Uno or something. haha Good thing I already slathered on some self-tanner, since now I don’t expect to see any sun! I’m still excited to see everyone though and spend all day with them! 🙂 If only Andre could come too. 🙂

I’m officially loving LV. I never thought I would, but after buying my bday present to myself, I discovered so many other things that are just so cute/pretty! Guess where my future savings will be going?

I managed to line up my first freelance job for my current mag for when I’m in New York. 😀 I plan on hunting for more freelance opportunities at the same time as looking for a proper job when I’m there! Extra money is definitely the way to go.

And that’s all, folks! I’m out for now. Hasta la vista!

One month.

Tomorrow I have one month left in Hong Kong (well, technically less since I’ll be on a family trip beforehand). I feel like the closer it gets, the more I’m beginning to feel sad. I already know I’ll be in tears when I have to say to my best friends, and family…well, let’s just say I’ll likely be a Sniffles McSniffleson at the airport on the 5th! All I can say is, people better mean it when they say they’ll be visiting!! 🙂

I’m voluntarily upping and moving away from a steady, stable life with great family and friends, and heading towards, well, the unknown, pretty much…

All I know is, I’m grateful that my boss would still like me to freelance for them and get designer interviews if possible (may even have one set up already for the October issue…). so at least I’ll have some income! And of course I’m grateful to have exceeded my NY Fund goal already, so I can definitely afford to be unemployed for a few months if I have to be (although I really would prefer not to be…would rather tuck away the NY Fund to an Emergency Fund once I have a steady income! And once I’ve splurged on one item. Just because it’s no fun saving if you can’t enjoy your money!)

In the meantime, I’m going to fully enjoy myself at my birthday junk trip on Sunday, and will make as much time as possible for my friends & family, and have a great family holiday end of this month before heading off and doing my thing. I love my life, and as scary as it is to move into something where I don’t know what’s going to happen, it makes it that much more thrilling. Independence, here I come! (I’m such a cheeseball.)