Random tidbits

Today was Typhoon 8, and it didn’t go down to Typhoon 3 until 5-something pm, which means I got a whole (paid) day off work. I’m so going to miss typhoon days…!

Last weekend was my GBF’s birthday party, the one where I had to go all preppy/geeky for. This is the end result:

Candice (left) and me.

I had a Burberry “inspired” headband on with a bow, red lips, Lacoste polo, suspenders (that didn’t actually totally fit – they were unclipped at the back since if they stayed on my skirt would have gone up to around my armpits – really should have taken a FAIL photo…would have been amusing!), a brown pleated skirt (well, half pleats), and some bronze shoes. I was trying to channel Blair Waldorf in attitude (hence just trying to explain away my usual bitchiness 😉 ), and that is my bitchy face. Fun! haha

On Sunday somehow all the photos got deleted off my camera 😦 I’ve been really sad ever since, and really paranoid about uploading photos now.

Tonight I am going out again, braving the wind & rain for Miss Ange’s bf’s surprise birthday thingie. I suppose I should start getting ready soon-ish…

The weather forecast is ‘slightly rainy’ for my junk trip on Sunday 😦 This makes me sad. But I’m still determined to have fun – will have to remember to bring cards and Uno or something. haha Good thing I already slathered on some self-tanner, since now I don’t expect to see any sun! I’m still excited to see everyone though and spend all day with them! 🙂 If only Andre could come too. 🙂

I’m officially loving LV. I never thought I would, but after buying my bday present to myself, I discovered so many other things that are just so cute/pretty! Guess where my future savings will be going?

I managed to line up my first freelance job for my current mag for when I’m in New York. 😀 I plan on hunting for more freelance opportunities at the same time as looking for a proper job when I’m there! Extra money is definitely the way to go.

And that’s all, folks! I’m out for now. Hasta la vista!


6 Responses

  1. You look great! And you’re totes chanelling Blair – I thought that before I even read it. 🙂

    Yay for freelance & NYC!!

  2. You are ADORABLE! Good preppy look… and even your so-called “bitchy” face is just lovely! 😀

  3. Good luck!!!

  4. Love the picture and the LV purse! OMG. I’m buying one (I think, maybe) for my birthday too. you might have to help convince me. Congrats on the freelance gig too.

  5. Love your purse!! i need to find an LV to invest in. too bad i’m not ballin like you yet haha..

  6. Too cute.

    And yay for having a job lined up…way to go!

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