Coming home

So my bed showed up like three days after it was signed for by that mystery person – my roommate called me when I was away and told me there was a huge package at the door for me, so I assumed it was my headboard.

I went to ikea again on Friday, and night nearly all my remaining furniture, plus a couple things for the living/dining area, so yesterday Lo and I put together the last closet (well, except for the doors), with 5 drawers, 2 shelves and a clothes rail in 4 hours (seriously, what would I do without her?). We had a bit of a scare since I measured my space exactly, and managed to find the exact measurements to fill it, then couldn’t get it in by like half an inch! After see manouvering though, we managed to shove everything in place. Phew! Quel nightmare!

Anyway so today I came back to the apartment to build what I thought was my headboard, but once I opened it, found my bed frame! Which means I can definitely move in really soon, maybe even tomorrow (after I do laundry at Lo’s, since I don’t have a washer dryer in my building!).

Everything for the apartment is coming together really quick now! I’m starting to feel like I have a home and not just an apartment, and that feeling is priceless. 🙂

Next up: finding a job!!


Who would steal my bed??

So as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been pretty busy setting up my apartment and getting all my furniture. My bed frame was delivered yesterday by UPS, and I wasn’t home when it arrived but online it said it’d been signed for, so I went to the apartment later in the day to see what was going on with my bed. And when I got there? Nothing. No bed. Not in the lobby of my apartment, not in the hallway outside my door, not in my apartment, and no note or anything from UPS!

So now I get the added headache of trying to sort out the Case of the Missing Bed, and it’s really annoying. I’m pretty sure I can get my money back, but it’s just such a hassle! I called the super yesterday, he never saw it, then later spoke to his wife (he was out), and asked if anyone by the name of the person who supposedly signed for my bed lives in the building, but apparently not, and she advised me to call the building management company, so I did that but never got through until this morning (but he doesn’t get in until after 12.30, apparently), so I’ll have to call back. I also emailed UPS (there’s no number to speak to someone over the phone) and they wrote back saying I need to contact the shipper and have them file the claim for a missing package, but they’re in the Midwest and not even open yet, so I’ll have to call them back too.

UGH. I better get my bed and not have to pay a single thing extra!!

But seriously, who would steal my bed frame?? I don’t even live in a shady neighborhood at all, and plus UPS should NOT have let someone else sign for it!! I don’t get what happened.


PS. On a much lovelier note, it’s my little sister’s 22nd birthday today! Woo! Happy birthday ma petite soeur! Love you times a google, come visit me soon, I’ll treat you to a belated birthday gelato & meal 😉 xoxo

Ikea Overload

This is similar to my Abercrombie Overload post back in March/April, but seriously, I had WAY too much Ikea this weekend!

Yesterday I spent a full 8 hours at the new-ish Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn, figuring out what closets, lamps, pillows, kitchen-stuff etc to get with my roomie. I seriously hate that stupid Self Serve section, yanking out boxes weighing 100lbs really isn’t eashy, especially when they contain 90″ frames/doors – I literally had to lean over the cart, pushing it with my stomach and steering it using the handles with my hands with my lovely behind sticking out – it was a sight to see, honestly.

I was so exhausted by the end of it that I could barely think, and my legs and feet were seriously aching. I was meant to go out last night but that definitely didn’t happen – I got back to Lo’s around 11.30 (12 hours after I left, no exaggeration), sat down and couldn’t get up for at least 10 minutes then hauled my behind into the shower.

The worst part? I have to go back. They were out of stock of one of the wardrobes I was getting, plus the clothes rail, plus the drawers, so I have to go back. I’m already seriously dreading it. Plus, I also have to pay the $90 delivery fee AGAIN. It’s ridiculous!! They better have everything I need when I go back!!!

Our stuff was delivered today and my cousin came over to help us assemble it (bless him!!), so we assembled 2 wardrobes (mine) and a chest of drawers (hers, and with Lo’s help as well since she came by later). I just have to assemble the last wardrobe, my bed frame, and my headboard next, not to mention my desk/vanity once I find one that I want, if I can. Oh Lordy. Good thing Lo has tools…especially the electric screwdriver!

Tomorrow I”m heading back to the apt to start unpacking, since I can at least unpack stuff into the 2 wardrobes that are assembled now. As unexcited as I sound about assembling furniture, though, I’m still really excited that my room is now coming together, and hopefully I’ll be able to move in sooner than later (though I know Lo & I will miss each other very much once I do finally move out of her place…haha), and I’ll officially have a home in NYC. 🙂

I can’t believe I live here

It’s so weird. I’ve been here for a week now, and the time has just flown, even though the pace is much more relaxed than I normally would have been if I were here visiting. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still definitely busy, but I’m not running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to eat everything and shop everywhere within a limited time frame.

Wednesday night I met up with my first roommate from boarding school and her boyfriend, who both moved here on the same day I did last week. They’re subletting in Hell’s Kitchen at the moment, so we decided to go over there for dinner since I haven’t really spent much time in that neighborhood anyway. Lo, Wil, and Nick all came as well, and we all caught up/got to know each other (I’d never met roomie’s bf before), and had dinner a few blocks away from their place at Basilica, which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area! We walked back to Lo’s after, through Times Square, and for some reason everytime we walk back to hers at night I always can’t believe that I live here. In New York. Crazy!

Anyway, finished up the interview I did for my old magazine and sent it off last night, after dinner at JG Melon’s (still love their burgers!) with Lo and my cousin Jason and one of Lo’s friends. Lo and I also had lunch at Forty Carrots in Bloomie’s – YUM. Seriously had a Really Good Food Day yesterday! Got to have fro yo at Bloomie’s and (so far) my fave burger in NYC, all in one day! 🙂

Will be heading to Ikea tomorrow to hopefully finally furnish my bedroom (credit card arrived yesterday, woo!), and then the Brookyln Book Festival on Sunday. I ❤ New York, and am so grateful to be here finally!

Blogging from my iphone!

Yay, apps are finally working! So now I can blog on the go wherever I am…pretty cool, eyy?

Anyway, the weather sucks again today, so am just chilling out at Lo’s and hiding out for the day, cept when we went for a little walk around the neighborhood – hey, at least we managed to get out for a little bit! Did some furniture browsing online and found the bed frame and headboard I wanna get, so that’s a start at least! Applied for more jobs yesterday but didn’t see anything in the relevant field that I haven’t already applied to today. Better luck tomorrow, I hope!

Ps. Thanks for all the welcomes and well-wishes!

Hello from NYC!

I’m here!

I got in yesterday around 1.20pm, and I am right now currently sitting on the floor with my MacBook on top of my roommate’s box in the living/kitchen area adding songs to my new iPhone and chatting to a couple friends. The apartment smells slightly of chocolate and humidity, but that’s ok since neither of us are living here at the moment.

Spent the morning at Macy’s for the sale and then at KMart, getting things like a shower curtain, bathmat, garbage can for the bathroom, sheets, etc. Will be buying my furniture later this week when my debit card comes through and hopefully when I have a credit card.

Went to a wine bar last night after dinner, and I only had one glass of Pinot Bianco (so good!) but was immediately tipsy and realllyyyyy sleepy. haha Luckily I don’t really have bad jet lag when I fly over from Hong Kong – went to bed around 12.30 and got up at 9ish this morning, so I’m pretty much in sycn now 🙂

Anyway should go – apply for jobs, pack for whatever Lo & I are doing tonight (I’m staying at her place until I get a bed!). I can’t believe I’m HERE.

I’m done

Packing, that is. Finally! I still have way too much stuff. Where did it all come from? I really don’t know…am getting up at 6.30 tomorrow to go through the stuff I’m shipping to myself again, since I really shouldn’t be shipping 2 gigantic piles to myself on top of 100lbs worth of stuff in my two suitcases. I really had no idea I had this much stuff!

Anyway. GBF (my gay boyfriend Watson) and C-Butt came over tonight. I wasn’t emotional at all, but I think that’s more to do with the fact that I was still stressed about packing and that it doesn’t feel as real, saying goodbye to them, although I really don’t know why. GBF is coming to visit in October though, so I’m way excited for that 🙂 Last night was a small farewell dinner, and it was so good to see all the girls one last time. All I can say is, y’alls better come visit me!!

So tomorrow’s the big move. It still hasn’t really hit home, and it probably won’t for a while, I imagine. I’ll probably feel like I’m visiting for fashion week again (minus the excessive shopping and the fashion shows), at least until I find myself a job (PLEASE let me find one SOON!).

Bed time now, got more organizing tomorrow morning! One last night in Hong Kong, and then I’m off to the Big Apple. Next post will be from NYC! 🙂