The logistics of packing up my life

…are actually a lot more complicated than I thought, and definitely somewhat overwhelming. So far I’ve crossed off nearly half the things I need to do on my to do list, and I’d say I am very near to being halfway done packing, at least in respect to deciding what to leave and what to bring! Too bad my two suitcases are already literally overflowing with stuff. I may just have to go through it again, but knowing that I don’t know when I’ll be back makes me want to bring everything! Let’s not even get started on shoes, makeup, and books…all I can say is, good thing I can send stuff to myself! (Too bad I still have to organize what I should send by air and what I should send by sea, and what I should take with me right away…)

Tomorrow I’m busy again nearly all day, going to the bank, figuring out how to get my money to the US, going to the dentist before I leave, and checking in online. Not to mention my really small farewell dinner and possibly karaoke afterwards…I’m betting there’ll be tears tomorrow night!

I just got approved for a bank account in the US today, it took less than 12 hours to get approved! And now I already have a savings and checking account! Now if only my credit card application would get approved…! After the credit card the first thing I’ll be doing after arriving at my new apartment is heading out to get a phone, and then I can take my time buying furniture and a bed and all the other necessities.

This week I barely even have time to be social, so tomorrow night is the last night I’ll see most of my friends here, and Thursday is an early birthday celebration for my 84-year-old grandma, with some hot tubbing & swimming in the afternoon (my grandma loves the jets in hot tubs), then last minute packing and organizing and a last dinner with my fam before I head off early Friday morning…

I barely have the time to get my head around the fact that I’m actually moving – I’ll bet it won’t really hit me until the rush and energy of NYC sweeps me up…


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  1. I can’t even contemplate doing all of this…

    … but it is so exciting! I’m so thrilled for you!! Keep having a great time, and you will be in the States soon… squee!!!


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