Blogging from my iphone!

Yay, apps are finally working! So now I can blog on the go wherever I am…pretty cool, eyy?

Anyway, the weather sucks again today, so am just chilling out at Lo’s and hiding out for the day, cept when we went for a little walk around the neighborhood – hey, at least we managed to get out for a little bit! Did some furniture browsing online and found the bed frame and headboard I wanna get, so that’s a start at least! Applied for more jobs yesterday but didn’t see anything in the relevant field that I haven’t already applied to today. Better luck tomorrow, I hope!

Ps. Thanks for all the welcomes and well-wishes!


4 Responses

  1. Neat! I am still trying to work a few bugs out of the official apps I have on my iPid touch.

    I hope your weather is better tomorrow!

  2. I haven’t blogged from my iPhone yet. I’m afraid it’ll have all sorts of typos, and I won’t catch them until I get home and read it from my actual computer!

  3. Hooray! It’s all real now, baby!

    Good luck!!! Keep us posted… (of course!)


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