Ikea Overload

This is similar to my Abercrombie Overload post back in March/April, but seriously, I had WAY too much Ikea this weekend!

Yesterday I spent a full 8 hours at the new-ish Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn, figuring out what closets, lamps, pillows, kitchen-stuff etc to get with my roomie. I seriously hate that stupid Self Serve section, yanking out boxes weighing 100lbs really isn’t eashy, especially when they contain 90″ frames/doors – I literally had to lean over the cart, pushing it with my stomach and steering it using the handles with my hands with my lovely behind sticking out – it was a sight to see, honestly.

I was so exhausted by the end of it that I could barely think, and my legs and feet were seriously aching. I was meant to go out last night but that definitely didn’t happen – I got back to Lo’s around 11.30 (12 hours after I left, no exaggeration), sat down and couldn’t get up for at least 10 minutes then hauled my behind into the shower.

The worst part? I have to go back. They were out of stock of one of the wardrobes I was getting, plus the clothes rail, plus the drawers, so I have to go back. I’m already seriously dreading it. Plus, I also have to pay the $90 delivery fee AGAIN. It’s ridiculous!! They better have everything I need when I go back!!!

Our stuff was delivered today and my cousin came over to help us assemble it (bless him!!), so we assembled 2 wardrobes (mine) and a chest of drawers (hers, and with Lo’s help as well since she came by later). I just have to assemble the last wardrobe, my bed frame, and my headboard next, not to mention my desk/vanity once I find one that I want, if I can. Oh Lordy. Good thing Lo has tools…especially the electric screwdriver!

Tomorrow I”m heading back to the apt to start unpacking, since I can at least unpack stuff into the 2 wardrobes that are assembled now. As unexcited as I sound about assembling furniture, though, I’m still really excited that my room is now coming together, and hopefully I’ll be able to move in sooner than later (though I know Lo & I will miss each other very much once I do finally move out of her place…haha), and I’ll officially have a home in NYC. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. I totally understand your Ikea overload. I have been to Ikea so many times since I moved to ATL that I seriously feel like I live there. Lucky for me its just 15 minutes from my apartment. Its so great that you have people to help you put your place together.

  2. you are moved!!! i am so tickled for you, and i know you will rock new york.

    good grief, i actually am a bit teary here… knowing you are on the first step of your dream….

    always do one thing a day that scares you… amazing what you’ll find out about yourself.


  3. Awww, it is so exciting when a random place you rent really becomes a HOME.

    You must (still) be SO exhausted!!

  4. Hey, welcome to NYC–it’s a crazy place! Cheers!

  5. Congrats on the move! I didn’t know there was such a thing as an IKEA overload..hehe. Hope you had fin picking out your new furniture!

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