Look who has a job!

ME! Finalementtttt!!! haha

I had 2 interviews yesterday, both for seasonal sales positions in retail, one’s a big bookstore which you all would have heard of, and the other was a big department store that you also would have heard of, although for privacy I’m not saying what they are!

The weather was TERRIBLE yesterday – it was pouring and freezing, and the bookstore is located a weird spot from me so I just took a bus down and then walked crosstown in the pouring rain, until my pants were soaked from mid-thigh down, and my shoes were STILL DAMP last night! I showed up like that, though luckily I have a waterproof trench and an umbrella (which I just bought last week), so up top I looked fine, albeit a little windswept!

The interview went really well, I was told I was “obviously overqualified” for that position, and that I’m basically set except the manager needs to check my references and will get back to me by Saturday.

My second interview took for-everrrrr. I waited 50 minutes past when I was meant to be interviewed, then met with the head of HR for women’s ready to wear, who ran me by the pay system, asked lots of questions about my previous jobs, what I’ll find toughest about working there, etc. The second interview was with the floor manager, and she and I just kinda hit it off. She looked at my resume and was like “Wow, you’ve been all over!” haha I actually came up with some good answers during the interview, pulling experience from my previous job and relating that to the job I was applying for, haha. Told Lo later what I said and she was impressed! LOL Then at the end she kept telling me what a pleasure it was to meet me (seriously). Training starts Monday! And I have to go back to HR on Friday to show them my passport and driver’s license (to make sure I’m qualified to work in the US).


One more interview tomorrow, also for retail – I’m not THAT into it but in case the bookstore falls through then at least I’ll have something else. I’m also still in the running for some heavy duty freelance blogging work, which would be really good if I get it!

YAY, things are coming together! Like Christina (my pal, last name Aguilera) says, “It keeps getting better!” Woo! 😀



Okay, so this whole unemployed thing is definitely not working out for me, as much as I love being able to stay up late and sleep in until noon. And as unsatisfied as I am about that (joking to a friend earlier tonight that I never thought I’d be 24 and unemployed), I feel like I’m on the verge of something, and I can’t help but be a dreamer about my future, which leads me to a little bit of reassessing.

So yeah, maybe I did move to New York to start a career in book publishing, but while that isn’t going anywhere, it’s given me a chance to reassess my goals and my passions. For example, maybe I’m not meant to actually go into book publishing, as much as I would love to and see a long career in it if I ever get hired. Maybe, I’m meant to stay in something fashion-related, like styling. I’ve even thought about maybe being a personal shopper in the meantime – I mean, I know it’s a little different, but I have a certain satisfaction when I find great clothes/shoes/accessories and show them to friends and have them end up buying them, (like GBF, who bought about 5 things thanks to my suggestions when he was here in NYC!). I bet I’d be good at it!

Or maybe even doing something in education – I applied for a job as an admissions assistant at a private school, and thinking about it, I think I’d actually enjoy that. So I could possibly apply to get a masters in education – the same degree my mom has. I believe in good education, and I believe that an education really is the foundation of how you end up thinking, and it is so influential when you’re still young and impressionable. I bet I could write a whole essay about it if I put my mind to it.

So, I’m trying to keep my head and hopes up, even when it feels a little bleak in the employment department. Sometimes things take time to happen the way they’re meant to happen, but I truly believe that my future is here in New York. (Some drama with my ex-employer recently confirmed that – for the moment at least, I don’t see anything I want to do in Hong Kong, and definitely not the magazine industry there, where people are flaky and will jump at any chance to screw you over.)

This week is my week to find a job – I’m just gonna hit the streets running and with hope intact, I’ll just approach anywhere that looks interesting to see if they’re hiring. It can’t hurt, and who knows, I just may bump into my future. And anyway, isn’t all this thinking about who I am and re-evaluating who or where I want to be, or see myself be, what being a twenty-something is all about?

Playing Tour Guide

So as you know, my gbf Watson is in town, and I’ve been playing hostess/tour guide for the last couple days all by myself (ie without the help of Lo, who is pretty much my tour guide around the city). It’s a little challenging sometimes (“where are we?” “I dunno, you live here!”) but it’s actually been abgreat way for me to familiarize myself with my new home, since now I have to figure out where to go, when, and how exactly to get there!

Plus, now I get to do touristy things, which I haven’t really done since moving since I’ve been too busy sorting my apartment out and applying to jobs and, uh, eating to really visit museums and such. I’m currently on line for Shake Shack in Madison square park, and then we may go to Rockefeller and either today or tomorrow we’ll be at Guggenheim, since neither of us have ever been. We also got tickets to Avenue Q on saturday night, and many restaurants to try, including some BBQ tonight!

Yay for New York, yay for friends, and yay for living here!

All moved in!

I officially moved into my apartment on Wednesday, but then I caught a cold and was pretty much dead all of yesterday which is why I haven’t blogged about it!

Anyway, the only things left to do for my room are to put the closet doors on my closet (which I was planning on doing Wednesday night with the help of my super awesome cousin, but then discovered Ikea didn’t include HINGES. Have I mentioned how much I hate Ikea??), put together the desk chair, find a desk small enough to fit in between my bed and the closets, and find a pretty rug to put on the floor. 🙂

I haven’t actually cooked yet in the apartment, unless you count toasting a sandwich (and the toaster oven started smoking – wthell? It’s brand new and nothing looked wrong with it aside from the smoke!), but we do have internet and cable (and a really tiny tv – we’ll be picking up a bigger one next week).

I LOVE my bed though. It’s seriously comfortable, and Sleepy’s was giving me discount after discount for it so I got a really good deal for it! Woo! heehee I could stay in bed all day (which actually I nearly did yesterday…)

I love having a place to live, I love that I’m all unpacked (and organized my lingerie drawer today after going to The Container Store – it’s now my favorite drawer! LoL), and I love that my Gay BoyFriend (aka GBF, which could also stand for Gay Best Friend) is arriving tomorrow! For once I’m gonna have to take on the role as hostess and show someone else around NYC instead of relying on other people to take me around…the pressure’s on! Haha not really – already made reservations for like 5 meals while he’s here, and I’m sure he’ll want to shop and God knows I know where to go for that…:P Can’t wait!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and that we get some beautiful weather here in NYC!

PS. Who can believe I moved here a MONTH ago?? Crazy!! The time has just flown by 😀