All moved in!

I officially moved into my apartment on Wednesday, but then I caught a cold and was pretty much dead all of yesterday which is why I haven’t blogged about it!

Anyway, the only things left to do for my room are to put the closet doors on my closet (which I was planning on doing Wednesday night with the help of my super awesome cousin, but then discovered Ikea didn’t include HINGES. Have I mentioned how much I hate Ikea??), put together the desk chair, find a desk small enough to fit in between my bed and the closets, and find a pretty rug to put on the floor. 🙂

I haven’t actually cooked yet in the apartment, unless you count toasting a sandwich (and the toaster oven started smoking – wthell? It’s brand new and nothing looked wrong with it aside from the smoke!), but we do have internet and cable (and a really tiny tv – we’ll be picking up a bigger one next week).

I LOVE my bed though. It’s seriously comfortable, and Sleepy’s was giving me discount after discount for it so I got a really good deal for it! Woo! heehee I could stay in bed all day (which actually I nearly did yesterday…)

I love having a place to live, I love that I’m all unpacked (and organized my lingerie drawer today after going to The Container Store – it’s now my favorite drawer! LoL), and I love that my Gay BoyFriend (aka GBF, which could also stand for Gay Best Friend) is arriving tomorrow! For once I’m gonna have to take on the role as hostess and show someone else around NYC instead of relying on other people to take me around…the pressure’s on! Haha not really – already made reservations for like 5 meals while he’s here, and I’m sure he’ll want to shop and God knows I know where to go for that…:P Can’t wait!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and that we get some beautiful weather here in NYC!

PS. Who can believe I moved here a MONTH ago?? Crazy!! The time has just flown by 😀


5 Responses

  1. Wow! Can’t believe you’ve been here a month, either! Sounds like you’re getting settled though! Congrats!

  2. i hate the act of moving, but i love being all moved in and getting used to/decorating a new apartment!

  3. Congrats!!! Don’t you love it when a new place really starts to feel like “home”? I’m not a huge fan of IKEA either 🙂


  4. i’ll let you know when i’m heading back, so you can find an apartment for me….


    i love the container store, i call it the store that has things you didn’t know you needed….

    so glad things are going well….

    ps wipe the toaster oven out with vinegar/water…. sometimes they have a coating on the metal…

  5. Hey Jess!

    I just wanted to let you know that I passed along the “I Heart Your Blog” award to you!


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