Happy Thanksgiving!

I totally missed the parade this morning. Oops. I planned on meeting my friend at Columbus Circle, but it just left as I got there! Should have met somewhere more downtown…oh well, next year! haha We went to get some food instead and it was fun, catching up and enjoying our meal in the warmth of Brooklyn Diner (in Manhattan. Yeah, I don’t know.) Afterwards I decided to walk home through the park, and it was really nice. I thought about how happy I am to be in New York, even if my jobs aren’t really what I expected, or aren’t really what I ultimately want for myself! Later I’ll be joining my cousin for dinner at his friend’s place. I picked up a bottle of wine so I’m all ready to go. 🙂

So this year, I am thankful for:

  • Family. Always there for me, ready to help with whatever I need help with, even as stubbornly as I cling to some notion of ‘independence’. And for that, I am very, very grateful and appreciative. There are no other words for it. 🙂
  • Friends. Or, as I like to think of it, my chosen family. I don’t know where I’d be without my friends, far and near. I am grateful that my BFFs in Hong Kong still keep me in the loop, and that I still very much feel like a part of their lives even though I am halfway across the world. I love that C-Butt still calls me for advice when she needs it, and I love how GBF Watson calls me nearly twice a day, every day! It feels like I’m still with them. 🙂 And as for my friends here – I really don’t know how I would have settled in without my roomie and Lo! (On that note, I’m also thankful that I know who my real friends are. It’s a blessing, it really is. At least now I don’t have to waste time on anyone who isn’t worth it. So I’m thankful for that too 🙂 )
  • Employment. Ok, so working retail wasn’t in the plan, but it’s so much better than not having a job at all. And I am grateful that one job is the same industry I want to be in, while the other brings in the moola (though I do work much harder for the commission!!). I just hope that soon I will have a start in my career of choice, or that other opportunities open up.
  • Living in New York. I can’t really explain it exactly, but it feels so right to be here, right now. I love it, and have no regrets about moving at all, even though it sucks royally to be away from my family and HK friends. I love this city, and am grateful everyday that I am here.
  • Fast healing. I had a follow-up doc’s appointment on Tuesday, and the doctor was surprised at how quickly my eye is healing, so I’m really happy. I told him that I’m a quick healer! 🙂 I still have to wear glasses into the new year, but at least I can see. And for that, I am grateful!!

Lots to be grateful and thankful for this year. 🙂 Isn’t that the best??


Working at the Bookstore (and a little more randomness)

At the bookstore a couple days ago, I was standing at the customer service counter when an elderly gentleman approached, and my coworker helped him. I wasn’t helping anyone at the time, but did offer up a smile anyway as he approached, and as he began talking to my coworker, he winked at me. I think my smile got stuck on my teeth, but only because I fully wasn’t expecting a wink! It’s kind of surprising how one little wink can raise your spirits – it’s so much cuter than, say, walking past a construction site, and is just such a friendly, cute and cheerful gesture that can also be interpreted as flirty in certain situations. People really should wink more!


Yesterday at the bookstore I was tidying up some tables when a customer approached, probably late 40s, short, slim, and balding. I turned, expecting him to ask for help in finding a book or a section of books, but he said, “Hi there, you are very pretty and I just wanted to come over and give you my card. [hands me his business card] If you are interested I would love to take you to lunch sometime.” He smiled, then walked away and I kinda just stood there holding his card and blushing. I’ve never been hit on at a job before, much less while wearing no makeup and my glasses, so it was definitely flattering but at the same time, it’s not like I’m ever going to call him! Ick. haha


The thing about working at a bookstore is that I see so many books I want to read, and when I’m meant to be tidying and rearranging books I end up just trying to sneak read the blurbs on the back, turning the books around while I’m rearranging other books. And then later when I’m not working, I never remember which titles I actually wanted to read. Ah. Too bad I’m not paid to just stand there and read!


I find I actually like customer service (I’ve been at the customer service desk for a few shifts, before I’ll be moved to my section), and the most rewarding thing is helping customers find books that they never would have found themselves, and them just being so pleased after! Last week I helped a customer find this random book on ships in New York, which was on a bottom shelf in the back corner of the bookstore, and she was so happy she actually shook my hand to thank me! And two days ago I helped another customer find something and when I put it in her hands she thanked me for my “persistence” in helping her find it and was really pleased. Being able to help people is rewarding, even if I am paid to do it.


I think my favourite part of my shifts is as I approach the bookstore. My heart always lifts and I smile to myself thinking how happy I am to be paid to be surrounded by books. I think that’s a sure sign as any that I really should get into book publishing! I love books, and bookstores, and reading, and I am only too happy to help people find books they want to read, too. 🙂


Off topic, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Can’t believe it’s tomorrow – where has the time gone? I’m gonna go watch a bit of the parade (why not, haha) and then head to my cousin’s friend’s place for dinner before I work all day Black Friday and on the weekend. Busy busy busy! I just wish I could spend Thanksgiving with my parents, grandma and sister in Hong Kong, but they know I miss them.

Speaking of fam, they sent me TWO boxes of Martha Stewart cookies as a get well soon-type package! Aww. 😀 Love them, I totally didn’t expect anything at all!

Random Updates

  • I had emergency eye surgery last weekend, and had to take this past week off work b/c I’m still kinda blind in one eye. FUN. (Not.) I’ve been taking at least 1 prescription painkiller every day, except for yesterday. Ugh. At the follow up appointment yesterday morning I was told the vision in my left eye is currently 20/80. LoL See, blind! (Even though it wasn’t that great to begin with, but now it’s way worse than my right eye and feels really unbalanced.)
  • One major pet peeve is people who pretend to care. Please don’t pretend you care if you don’t, it’s fine if you don’t care about me because no one has to, but don’t pretend to care just to make yourself feel better or something. Ugh. I’ve had enough with fake friends this year.
  • It’s been really nice to have the week off, even though I was going a little insane at being cooped up inside for the majority of the time, so last night I actually *gasp* went out for dinner! haha
  • It’s FREEZING. This morning was -4 degrees celcius, and right now is apparently 1 degree but “feels like” -7. What the eff? I’m all bundled up wearing 4 layers, sweats, Uggs, and a cashmere scarf at HOME. I should NOT be this cold at home, but the apartment is freezing! I hope it snows soon and warms up a little!
  • I finally watched The Notebook for the first time. It’s so cute! And so sad! And so romantic! Ah, kills me. haha

That’s all for now. 🙂 Fellow NYC-ers, hope you stay warm!!!

Liam and Me were AMAZING

I saw them last night at Le Poisson Rouge, as they were the opening act (the main act for me though – I only went for them!), and they were SO GOOD. They opened with the title track, “There’s a Difference”, and then went right into my FAVORITE SONG EVER, “Say It Out Loud”. I was going nuts. Honestly. The venue was pretty small, and most of the crowd were clearly underaged people (or at least they looked really young from my old-age vantage point), and I was pretty much the first person just going nuts because hell, Liam and Me are my fave band, and they were just THAT GOOD. I was jumping around, singing along, and clearly far too excited. haha Out of the whole set there was just one song that I wasn’t familiar with, but they did play Pretender which I also really like, and of course Pretty Black Dress.

Anyway after the show, Matt (lead singer) told everyone there were free CDs and to sign up for their mailing list, although Lo and I had no idea where to do that, until we kept seeing people go through this door with a very big bouncer in front and I finally worked up the nerve to ask what was going on, and he let us right through and sure enough, there they were! Free stickers too, so of course I took two. haha (K, meant to get one for you as well but then forgot. SORRY!)

Anyway so we were sitting in there cooling off (got really hot with all that jumping around and just shaking it) when Matt walked through, and I stopped him with, “By the way, I love you.” LOL I don’t know what compelled me to say that, but I did, and he stopped and was like, “What?” “I love you, ps.” hahahah Then he HUGGED ME! Omg. haha So we started chatting and I asked when their debut album was coming out (it was supposed to come out this fall), and he explained that they already finished the album but then their label got sued into oblivion, so they have to switch to another division of Sony, so it’ll be another 3-4 months. I told him that they were my fave band and that I’d been waiting to see them for a year, and asked who “Liam” is…haha. He was like “There is no Liam…or Me.” And explained that the name is inspired from The Big Lebowski (a movie I’d never seen) but that he’d originally vetoed the idea but couldn’t come up with anything else, so they were stuck with it. haha

THEN, I was all annoyed that I didn’t bring my camera with me (WHY GOD, WHY?) and said that I wanted to take a picture with him but that I didn’t have my camera and he just pulled his out, asked this random guy to take a photo for us, and said that when we get any email news (we left our emails on the mailing list, along with little notes – “I ❤ U” and “I ❤ U 2”) to reply to that email and ask for the photo! I hope I end up seeing that some day…haha

So, that was my night. I finally saw my fave band and they were everything that I hoped they would be, PLUS all the hugging and the picture taking! Woo! haha Never thought I’d ever have the guts to talk to someone I don’t know but who I admire, but there you go. haha When I told my roomie about it this morning and got to the part where I said “I love you, by the way” she laughed and said she could totally see me doing that. haha

Seriously, if you don’t know Liam and Me, go to their MySpace and listen to their tracks for a bit (especially Say It Out Loud – if that doesn’t get you at LEAST tapping your feet, I don’t know how to help you) – they are AWESOME. haha. (I honestly don’t know what it is exactly about them that I love so much – I never go this nuts for music, unless you count Christina Aguilera. haha)

Working Girl

So I got that bookstore job, yay! I have to show up on Monday from 9-4 to fill in a ton of paperwork and to start training, and I finished my department store training last night, and will be starting work there tomorrow night and a full day Saturday! Eek. My mom suggested I get some support pantyhose – to avoid those varicose veins, y’all! haha Will get some once I figure out how to use my employee discount!!

The jobs came at a really good time too – after paying off November rent, my phone bill, and two credit cards, I’m feeling really quite broke. If I wasn’t working, I wouldn’t even have enough money to cover my December rent! So thank GOD for good timing!!

The sucky part is is that now I need to rein in the spending – less going out, eating out, and definitely no shopping unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. And by that, I mean like “if I don’t have that [insert object here] I will die.” Literally. In fact, I’m trying to think of what I can sell on ebay to help me out a bit, to stretch out my safety net as much as possible!

Ick. Being broke sucks. I’m gonna sell as much stuff as I can when I start working the floor at the department store – really need the commission, and I don’t think I get any at the bookstore, which also pays less than my hourly rate at the DS! Seriously cannot wait until I get my first paychecks!!

Best weekend ever! (Well, close.)

How was everyone’s Halloween weekends??

I had a great time – partly because me and Lo’s costumes turned out really cute, although I feel like I had more fun Saturday night out – but I’m gonna keep the reason for that to myself for now. 😉

This is what I ended up as for Halloween:

Siamese cats! (Im on the right.)

Siamese cats! (I'm on the right.)

Pretty cute, right? haha What did y’alls go out as? I love dressing up!! Wish there was more of an excuse to dress up more often…and you can’t tell in the photo, but I’m wearing insanely long false eyelashes. haha We went to a party downtown in Financial, called “Nightmare on Wall Street”, and then went to meet up with my cousin (who was a lumberjack – SO CUTE) and then my other cousin (who wasn’t anything at all – LAME. Seriously.). I met a Joker, two Edward Scissorhands, The Phantom of the Opera, and some guy that was kinda dressed like Zorro but wasn’t wearing a mask (?).

Training for my new job starts today – hope it goes well!! Have a great week everyone! 🙂