Liam and Me were AMAZING

I saw them last night at Le Poisson Rouge, as they were the opening act (the main act for me though – I only went for them!), and they were SO GOOD. They opened with the title track, “There’s a Difference”, and then went right into my FAVORITE SONG EVER, “Say It Out Loud”. I was going nuts. Honestly. The venue was pretty small, and most of the crowd were clearly underaged people (or at least they looked really young from my old-age vantage point), and I was pretty much the first person just going nuts because hell, Liam and Me are my fave band, and they were just THAT GOOD. I was jumping around, singing along, and clearly far too excited. haha Out of the whole set there was just one song that I wasn’t familiar with, but they did play Pretender which I also really like, and of course Pretty Black Dress.

Anyway after the show, Matt (lead singer) told everyone there were free CDs and to sign up for their mailing list, although Lo and I had no idea where to do that, until we kept seeing people go through this door with a very big bouncer in front and I finally worked up the nerve to ask what was going on, and he let us right through and sure enough, there they were! Free stickers too, so of course I took two. haha (K, meant to get one for you as well but then forgot. SORRY!)

Anyway so we were sitting in there cooling off (got really hot with all that jumping around and just shaking it) when Matt walked through, and I stopped him with, “By the way, I love you.” LOL I don’t know what compelled me to say that, but I did, and he stopped and was like, “What?” “I love you, ps.” hahahah Then he HUGGED ME! Omg. haha So we started chatting and I asked when their debut album was coming out (it was supposed to come out this fall), and he explained that they already finished the album but then their label got sued into oblivion, so they have to switch to another division of Sony, so it’ll be another 3-4 months. I told him that they were my fave band and that I’d been waiting to see them for a year, and asked who “Liam” is…haha. He was like “There is no Liam…or Me.” And explained that the name is inspired from The Big Lebowski (a movie I’d never seen) but that he’d originally vetoed the idea but couldn’t come up with anything else, so they were stuck with it. haha

THEN, I was all annoyed that I didn’t bring my camera with me (WHY GOD, WHY?) and said that I wanted to take a picture with him but that I didn’t have my camera and he just pulled his out, asked this random guy to take a photo for us, and said that when we get any email news (we left our emails on the mailing list, along with little notes – “I ❤ U” and “I ❤ U 2”) to reply to that email and ask for the photo! I hope I end up seeing that some day…haha

So, that was my night. I finally saw my fave band and they were everything that I hoped they would be, PLUS all the hugging and the picture taking! Woo! haha Never thought I’d ever have the guts to talk to someone I don’t know but who I admire, but there you go. haha When I told my roomie about it this morning and got to the part where I said “I love you, by the way” she laughed and said she could totally see me doing that. haha

Seriously, if you don’t know Liam and Me, go to their MySpace and listen to their tracks for a bit (especially Say It Out Loud – if that doesn’t get you at LEAST tapping your feet, I don’t know how to help you) – they are AWESOME. haha. (I honestly don’t know what it is exactly about them that I love so much – I never go this nuts for music, unless you count Christina Aguilera. haha)


2 Responses

  1. Hooray, that’s awesome!!! Love it!

    Hmmm… now I just have to figure out how to meet Dave Matthews, to tell him that I love him. Or Axl Rose…


  2. i’m so glad Liam And Me are being discovered! they are absolutely amazing. they were in Vans Warped Tour in 2007, and i bought that cd. they absolutely rocked with Don’t Say A Word. so glad they are finally coming out with an album too. :]

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