Goodbye 2008!

What a year it’s been! Who can believe it’s nearly over?

I can still remember what I was doing this time last year. I had just started my magazine job and so far hadn’t quite learned to hate it as much as I did at the end. I was seeing all my best friends all the time, and running around Hong Kong caught up in holiday excitement. This year I only got really homesick once, on the night before Christmas Eve. I ended up calling my cousin and wailing, “I’m homesick!” through sniffles. His reply? “Yeah, I’m getting sick too!” …”Um, no, I said HOMEsick!”

Aside from that I’ve been SUPER busy working two jobs – I calculated the other day that if my schedules don’t conflict, I end up working 57.5 hours a week, all on my feet minus the time I’m on break! How crazy is that? Last night my feet were throbbing so much they didn’t stop until I woke up this morning. NOT fun! Not only that, but my apartment and my room is a mess. I barely have time to clean, although I’m going to do it tonight because it really needs to be done.

I’ve been reading a lot though, which I really like. I have a whole stack of library books, and a whole list of books to read! I recently read Sloane Crosley’s “I Was Told There’d Be Cake”, which is pretty funny and I recommend. It was easy to relate to, also being in my 20s and in NYC. I only wish I could write like her!

Speaking of which, I’ve already decided upon one New Year’s resolution: to write at least one blog post per week. I’ve been pretty lame with it recently, although like I said it’s because I’ve been so busy. I need to keep up!

Things to Look Forward to in ’09:

  • Ange Pants visiting! She’s coming for Fashion Week in Feb and we’ve already decided to be each other’s valentines. 😉 Everyone say AW!
  • Finding a career. It WILL happen. It’s my year!
  • The possibility of two other of my nearest and dearest visiting…but I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not saying who!
  • Summer in the city. I want to go to Bryant Park and watch a movie! Among other summer-y things, like hanging out in Sheep Meadow on weekends, wearing sundresses to brunch downtown, and getting gelato from L’Arte de Gelato or whatever that place is called, (L’Arte something, I just can’t remember what!) the one near Sushi Samba downtown.
  • My new schedule at the bookstore – I now get Sundays and Mondays off – two days in a row! Exciting stuff. Plus, I’m working the “midding shifts”, from around 10 to 7, which is nice. 🙂 And that starts this Sunday as well.

How’s everyone celebrating the new year?

PS. This is my 100th post! What a way to end the year, ey? 🙂


Happy Holidays

I’m loving the Christmas season in the city. Last weekend it even snowed as I left the department store Saturday night, like really snowing. It didn’t stick at all but it was still gorgeous – my first snow in the city!

The photo at right is the Rockefeller Christmas tree, all lit up in its splendor. I don’t much like the snowflake thing facing it on Saks Fifth (what’s with that chintzy music? Really?), but the tree is still beautiful. This photo is the one on the background of my phone right now, and I love it. 😀

The only annoying thing about the holiday season is that I am working like every day aside from Christmas day, including New Year’s! The other annoying thing is that I’ll be minus my family, but as corny as it is, they’re with me all the time as it is anyway.

Last night I made a plan to go to midnight mass at St. Patrick’s this year, so I’m excited about that. Especially since I thought I’d be going alone. So yay! The holidays are right around the corner, and not too long after I’ll get to quit my really stressful department store job and finally feel like I’m NOT killing myself every week. Woo!

Anyway, Thursday is errand day and I have a long To Do list to get through so TTFN. lol


I am exhausted. I slept about 11 hours last night, since today is the only day I actually get to sleep in this week. I’ve been tired since Sunday, and I’ve been working non-stop since that day as well. Coincidence? Definitely not. Monday I worked at the bookstore from 9 to 4.30, then had to walk to the department store to start my shift at 5.40, which didn’t end until 10.10. Tuesday I had another 9am start at the bookstore, and two hours into it my feet were already aching. Normally that doesn’t happen until the end of the shift at the bookstore, but I think my feet were just way too tired from standing around all day on Monday. And they haven’t really stopped aching since.

I do like my bookstore job, but I really need a real job, and soon. My feet can’t take too much of this, and neither can I. Monday I had a slight breakdown in the morning, partly because of a stupid argument I had with someone Sunday night. I woke up still tired, and thinking about the 13 hour day ahead of me was too much to bear. I called my mom just upset, but there isn’t really anything either of us can do, because the reality is that I need to pay my bills, my rent, and right now the only way for me to do that is to keep both these jobs.

I paid off the last of my bills this morning (for December, anyway) and looking at what’s left in my bank account depresses me, as does the fact that I’m working another 13 hours tomorrow, and then 8.5 hour shifts at the department store both weekend days.

Someone PLEASE hire me now, seriously!