We had an event at the bookstore today, and a rather high profile person was in our store so secret service people were around. I got quite a few calls about the event (probably about 20, if I had to guess), and one of them was asking about whether photography was permitted or not. “No, I’m afraid it isn’t,” I told the guy.
“But what if people just whip out their phones and take a photo?”
“Well, there will be secret society people around so I don’t think they would tolerate that!”
…”What society?”
“Secret society!” Next to me, my colleague nudged me and said, “I think you mean secret service.”

Oops. I couldn’t stop laughing about that after I hung up the phone – I think I kept saying secret society because I’d just been flipping through the special US News report issue on secret societies!

Later on when the even was going on, another customer on the phone was asking me about it and for some reason I had to mention secret service, and instead of saying that, I  went on to say that “social services are around…no I mean social security…no, secret service!”

Do not ask what was going on with me today.

Aside from all that, at work today a random guy went up to this random girl and her friend and started hitting on her while she was standing at the Valentine’s table, and it was so funny! It was like watching a scene in a tv show – and it ended with the guy getting her number and asking when would be a good time to call her…”Well, you can just text me.” LOL

Ah, what a day!


On a totally different note, for those of you who are unaware, Miss Musing is having a giveaway on her blog, so go enter! The prize is a $100 Amazon gift card – an awesome prize if there ever was one. 🙂 Good luck! (Though not as much luck to you as to me…:P)


Happy Chinese New Year, or Gong Xi Fa Cai/Kung Hei Fat Choy to everyone – may this year be better than the last!


Forgot to mention that there was another celebrity in our store, who was pretty cute in person and down to earth – even though the managers and our staff offered to let her come in and wait/cut the line, she insisted on staying in the cold and line up with all the common folk, which I think is quite cool! Her skin looked really dry and wrinkly up close though, which is NOTHING like how her photos are! Aside from that it was pretty exciting. haha



View from my bedroom window, earlier this week

View from my bedroom window, earlier this week

Check out all that snow! (Snapped with my iPhone as I was slowly waking up and trying not to shiver in the wind blowing in through the window cracks…)

As fun as the snow has been, I think I’m ready to move on now. Spring, hurry up and get here! Kidding. (Well, only partially.) Today has felt considerably warmer, I mean the high temp actually hit freezing! (No way! Yes way! NO WAI. Yes!) More snow to fall this week apparently…

But the good things to look forward to are:

  • Getting a couch on Tuesday! It’s a really nice one too, found it on Craigslist and went to see it on Friday with the roomie. Goodbye, plastic picnic chairs!
  • The couple that sold us the couch also had a really good piece of furniture for us to use as a TV stand, so it’ll be nice to have that set up as well and get our pink Ikea coffee table back out from under the TV.
  • I’m also picking up a cheap DVD player tomorrow night from someone else that I found on Craigslist – mine and the roomie’s pact to finally get our shared living/kitchen area together before the end of the month is looking really good! Now all we need to get is an extension cord and a microwave…(can you believe I haven’t had a microwave all this time?? Crazy, right? I miss popcorn!)
  • Chinese New Year! (Even though I have no plans. But apparently my horoscope is good for my career this year, and that is all I need to know!)
  • And, of course, Ange coming early Feb – she bought her tix and it’s confirmed, I can’t wait!! 😀

So much to be excited about, even in the dead of winter. How lucky am I?

PS. Thanks to Nubia over at The Disconnection for awarding me with the Friend Award! 🙂 It’s all bright and shiny over to the left of my blog. Go give her awesome blog some love!

Quick Update

So remember that internship I mentioned briefly in the last post? I am now officially one of two fashion interns for their fashion issue coming out next month! Again for privacy reasons I’m not going to say which mag it is, but let’s just say that you would definitely have heard of it!

I had my first day on Monday, and it was surreal being back in a magazine’s office, but the work was normal intern work – organizing lookbooks, printing photos, that kind of stuff. I got to go in at 10.30 and leave at 5 as well, so that really wasn’t too bad! From now on I’ll be there Wednesdays and Thursdays, and working at the bookstore all the other days aside from Saturdays (which has now replaced Thursdays as my errands-and-job-applying day)

Also had two little dance classes this past week – so fun and reminded me how much I love dancing, but actual lessons are pretty expensive and since I can barely cover all my bills and rent, gonna hold off on that for now and work more and play less. (And by ‘work’, I also mean to include work towards my goals – not just running around at the bookstore and at my internship all week!)

I still love NYC, and am still very grateful to be here – even the little things, like walking down the streets in this really really cold weather, or entering Grand Central to get on the train somewhere – it’s still incredible, really, that I live here! Now if only I had a ‘real’ job and could afford to do more fun things around the city…I’m on it though!

(It’s amazing, really, how positive this whole entry sounds even though my situation is a little less than desireable – guess I’m pretty good at putting a rather cheerful spin on things. Haha)


PS. Some people asked for my bolognese recipe – it’s right here – one of Giada’s ones! I personally didn’t put parsley, celery or carrots in because I don’t like them (cooked, anyway), but it’s good!



Men can be such pervs. Yesterday at the bookstore I did a little bit of training in the business section, where they’re moving me to in a week or so. I stood behind a column at the desk where the computer is, and a man asked me for help in finding Economics for Dummies. As I was leading him to the section, I heard the head security guy behind me telling Dummy-man that photos aren’t allowed in the store. My initial thoughts were that it was really random for him to say that since just because Dummy-man had a camera around his neck didn’t mean he was taking photos, and I felt it was kind of rude. Then as the security guy brushed past me, he lowered his voice and told me, “That guy was taking photos of your back.” I felt my face heat up nearly immediately, and felt so violated but was at a loss for what to do – like, is this guy just some random perv and pretending to need help, or does he actually need help? And really, should I care right about now? Just as these thoughts entered my mind, I noticed a woman who needed the same book and it turned out she was WITH him. What the eff?

Later after they left, the security guard told me that as he was coming down the escalator he saw the guy standing behind me and actually lifting his camera up to his face and snapping photos of me without me knowing. And his girlfriend or whoever was with him!! I don’t think she saw him either, since she was in front of me when I was leading him over to the right shelves.

About half an hour after the incident I was talking to the manager of that section and for some reason just felt compelled to tell him, and the first thing he said was, “Are they still here?” They’d left, but I kinda wonder what he’d do/say if they were! Then he told me that he’s going to tell the other guys who work in the section (I’ll be the only female in the business section) to keep an eye out for me, because I WILL be harrassed by customers asking for my phone number, or asking to take me on dates, and he doesn’t want people bothering me. Thinking about the business section guys protecting me kinda made my eyes well up, though luckily I don’t think my nose reddened (which happens when I cry!), and no tears fell. It was just so nice to feel cared for.


If you’re going to buy a book when you’re in town, please don’t walk into a bookstore 20 minutes before you need to leave for the airport and expect the book to be there and get all huffy when it’s not. If it was that important to you to buy it while you were here, then plan ahead! It’s not possible to stock every book (in every language( in ONE store, even if we only had 1 copy of each. Duh.


When I was told I’d be moved to Business, the manager told me that I came “highly recommended” for my “built-in people skills, poise, and great customer service”, and also that I have a “natural aura” when dealing with people. This is awesome because all my life my parents have told me I have really bad people skills. I was even reading Emotional Intelligence once and my dad walked by and was like, “yeah you need to learn EQ.” Um, first of all, the book isn’t even about how to HAVE emotional intelligence! And second, HOW RUDE!


Fingers crossed, I think I may have gotten a super cool internship (sadly it’s unpaid!), but that’s all I’m going to say about that for now!


I made bolognese sauce tonight. From scratch. (Ok, so I used canned tomatoes, but that’s what the recipe called for!) It was fun! It’s still simmering on the stove, and I am going to have some YUMMY lunches this coming week! I do like cooking, I hope I continue to have the time and energy to cook more! I also bought really nice sandwich stuff so I can pack my lunches to work. haha Fact: I love food.