Men can be such pervs. Yesterday at the bookstore I did a little bit of training in the business section, where they’re moving me to in a week or so. I stood behind a column at the desk where the computer is, and a man asked me for help in finding Economics for Dummies. As I was leading him to the section, I heard the head security guy behind me telling Dummy-man that photos aren’t allowed in the store. My initial thoughts were that it was really random for him to say that since just because Dummy-man had a camera around his neck didn’t mean he was taking photos, and I felt it was kind of rude. Then as the security guy brushed past me, he lowered his voice and told me, “That guy was taking photos of your back.” I felt my face heat up nearly immediately, and felt so violated but was at a loss for what to do – like, is this guy just some random perv and pretending to need help, or does he actually need help? And really, should I care right about now? Just as these thoughts entered my mind, I noticed a woman who needed the same book and it turned out she was WITH him. What the eff?

Later after they left, the security guard told me that as he was coming down the escalator he saw the guy standing behind me and actually lifting his camera up to his face and snapping photos of me without me knowing. And his girlfriend or whoever was with him!! I don’t think she saw him either, since she was in front of me when I was leading him over to the right shelves.

About half an hour after the incident I was talking to the manager of that section and for some reason just felt compelled to tell him, and the first thing he said was, “Are they still here?” They’d left, but I kinda wonder what he’d do/say if they were! Then he told me that he’s going to tell the other guys who work in the section (I’ll be the only female in the business section) to keep an eye out for me, because I WILL be harrassed by customers asking for my phone number, or asking to take me on dates, and he doesn’t want people bothering me. Thinking about the business section guys protecting me kinda made my eyes well up, though luckily I don’t think my nose reddened (which happens when I cry!), and no tears fell. It was just so nice to feel cared for.


If you’re going to buy a book when you’re in town, please don’t walk into a bookstore 20 minutes before you need to leave for the airport and expect the book to be there and get all huffy when it’s not. If it was that important to you to buy it while you were here, then plan ahead! It’s not possible to stock every book (in every language( in ONE store, even if we only had 1 copy of each. Duh.


When I was told I’d be moved to Business, the manager told me that I came “highly recommended” for my “built-in people skills, poise, and great customer service”, and also that I have a “natural aura” when dealing with people. This is awesome because all my life my parents have told me I have really bad people skills. I was even reading Emotional Intelligence once and my dad walked by and was like, “yeah you need to learn EQ.” Um, first of all, the book isn’t even about how to HAVE emotional intelligence! And second, HOW RUDE!


Fingers crossed, I think I may have gotten a super cool internship (sadly it’s unpaid!), but that’s all I’m going to say about that for now!


I made bolognese sauce tonight. From scratch. (Ok, so I used canned tomatoes, but that’s what the recipe called for!) It was fun! It’s still simmering on the stove, and I am going to have some YUMMY lunches this coming week! I do like cooking, I hope I continue to have the time and energy to cook more! I also bought really nice sandwich stuff so I can pack my lunches to work. haha Fact: I love food.


4 Responses

  1. what a scumbag! guys are such jerks, but it’s super sweet that the boys you’re working with will keep an eye out for you! every girl needs a good rescuer. 🙂

  2. Please share your sauce recipe!!

  3. Oh, my.

    Congrats on your positive feedback. What a difference that can make!

  4. I seriously CANNOT believe that guy. What a creep. Ooohh! and if you do want to share your recipe, like Lindsay suggested, you are more than welcome to guest post on my food blog 🙂 Lacey, does it all the time!!

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