Quick Update

So remember that internship I mentioned briefly in the last post? I am now officially one of two fashion interns for their fashion issue coming out next month! Again for privacy reasons I’m not going to say which mag it is, but let’s just say that you would definitely have heard of it!

I had my first day on Monday, and it was surreal being back in a magazine’s office, but the work was normal intern work – organizing lookbooks, printing photos, that kind of stuff. I got to go in at 10.30 and leave at 5 as well, so that really wasn’t too bad! From now on I’ll be there Wednesdays and Thursdays, and working at the bookstore all the other days aside from Saturdays (which has now replaced Thursdays as my errands-and-job-applying day)

Also had two little dance classes this past week – so fun and reminded me how much I love dancing, but actual lessons are pretty expensive and since I can barely cover all my bills and rent, gonna hold off on that for now and work more and play less. (And by ‘work’, I also mean to include work towards my goals – not just running around at the bookstore and at my internship all week!)

I still love NYC, and am still very grateful to be here – even the little things, like walking down the streets in this really really cold weather, or entering Grand Central to get on the train somewhere – it’s still incredible, really, that I live here! Now if only I had a ‘real’ job and could afford to do more fun things around the city…I’m on it though!

(It’s amazing, really, how positive this whole entry sounds even though my situation is a little less than desireable – guess I’m pretty good at putting a rather cheerful spin on things. Haha)


PS. Some people asked for my bolognese recipe – it’s right here – one of Giada’s ones! I personally didn’t put parsley, celery or carrots in because I don’t like them (cooked, anyway), but it’s good!


3 Responses

  1. CONGRATS on the internship, love!!! It sounds like things are going pretty damn well… and I know they’ll just keep getting better! 😀

  2. congrats on the new internship! I remember when I had a fashion internship at YM (which has since folded) and I had an amazing time!

    BTW, I just gave you an award–go to my blog to check it out!

  3. yay! congratulations – you’re on your way!

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