View from my bedroom window, earlier this week

View from my bedroom window, earlier this week

Check out all that snow! (Snapped with my iPhone as I was slowly waking up and trying not to shiver in the wind blowing in through the window cracks…)

As fun as the snow has been, I think I’m ready to move on now. Spring, hurry up and get here! Kidding. (Well, only partially.) Today has felt considerably warmer, I mean the high temp actually hit freezing! (No way! Yes way! NO WAI. Yes!) More snow to fall this week apparently…

But the good things to look forward to are:

  • Getting a couch on Tuesday! It’s a really nice one too, found it on Craigslist and went to see it on Friday with the roomie. Goodbye, plastic picnic chairs!
  • The couple that sold us the couch also had a really good piece of furniture for us to use as a TV stand, so it’ll be nice to have that set up as well and get our pink Ikea coffee table back out from under the TV.
  • I’m also picking up a cheap DVD player tomorrow night from someone else that I found on Craigslist – mine and the roomie’s pact to finally get our shared living/kitchen area together before the end of the month is looking really good! Now all we need to get is an extension cord and a microwave…(can you believe I haven’t had a microwave all this time?? Crazy, right? I miss popcorn!)
  • Chinese New Year! (Even though I have no plans. But apparently my horoscope is good for my career this year, and that is all I need to know!)
  • And, of course, Ange coming early Feb – she bought her tix and it’s confirmed, I can’t wait!! 😀

So much to be excited about, even in the dead of winter. How lucky am I?

PS. Thanks to Nubia over at The Disconnection for awarding me with the Friend Award! 🙂 It’s all bright and shiny over to the left of my blog. Go give her awesome blog some love!


3 Responses

  1. I hate everything about the snow! its cold, gotta shovel the sidewalk, icey, gets your feet wet.. etc.. i love spring time more. hehe

  2. Brrrrrr… chilly!

    Sounds like your place is really coming together, though! 🙂

  3. Ack! Chinese New Year!!! I almost forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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