I am addicted to Veronica Mars. I have an ex-coworker at the bookstore to thank for that, as well as Summer and Downey, who I’ve nicknamed “The Enablers”. I might as well not even be a member of Netflix – I’ve had Babymama for over a week and have yet to even open it. I have about 5 magazines, 6 books, and two manuscripts to read, and yet all I wanna do is watch Veronica Mars!

That said, how awesome is it to be a PI? Not to have everyone constantly blaming you for everything, and her unfortunate love life (does anyone else actually like Logan, or am I just crazy? To give me some credit, though, I did really dislike him for about the first half or so of the first season. And his voicemail “inspirational quote of the day” messages? LOVE! Ok, need to end these parentheses now…) And she comes up with all these lies to get all the info/evidence she needs from various people, which I have to say all sound pretty believeable if you don’t know she’s a teenager with an agenda.

Too bad I only caught on to the show now, but at least I caught on! Am about halfway through the 2nd season and then I got my roommate addicted to the first. I guess I’m her enabler! I also randomly have the theme song stuck in my head throughout the day. Fun!

Comments, thoughts, on Veronica Mars? (No spoilers, please!)

PS. I won an advance copy of Perfect Fifths!!! YAY! The rest of you may pre-order by clicking that link 🙂


I also LOVE

my internship! I had my first day at the literary agency today. It was slightly overwhelming but only because they have so many specific ways of doing things, but I loved it. I always has something to do (I HATE being idle at work…it’s the worst! I’d much rather be running around than sitting there staring off into space and wishing I were in bed), and I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well!

I got to read about 30 query letters from authors (you won’t believe the kinds of books people pitch! One guy even sent in a photo collage of him with his two ex-wives, and he was gross. And totally sexist. Another guy couldn’t even write a proper query letter, or just had no idea how to use spellcheck/grammar check.), and the tricky part there was I had to write comments on them on why I thought it might be good for publishing or why it’s total crap. Sometimes I got a little cheeky, writing things like “science fiction-romance-paranormal-mystery-thriller? Really?”, and some of them I had to spend a few minutes thinking about a particular reason as to why I didn’t like it. Sometimes, you just don’t!

Anyway, the girl that was training me also looked over all my comments to make sure I didn’t reject anything good or say maybe to anything bad, but she said that for the most part she agreed with my comments, and wrote little notes under my comments on the maybes, which I haven’t had time to read yet but will get to tomorrow.

I also got some ‘homework’ – I have 3 sample chapters to read, that the head of the agency wants me to read and write a report on, though I am way too tired to do any reading tonight, and I also have a full manuscript to read for next week and also write a report on (although I was told that if it was utter crap and I couldn’t get past halfway, that’s ok too, I just have to tell them!). 🙂 I love it! I feel like I have an actual job. Now if only I were getting paid…

But still, it’s a great experience and I’m really enjoying it so far, although the filing bit is the bit that confuses me since it’s so intricate. Got a stack of papers to sort through tomorrow, which I already did an initial sorting into two folders and now have to go through and alphabetize and group things together by how they’ll be filed. I also get to sit in on a weekly meeting with the head of the agency tomorrow, and I met the two people who run the place and both were really nice.

I just have to say, working with books definitely feels right. I’m feeling happy and fulfilled about my work there, even though it’s only been a day. And I’m excited! The only thing is that I so had the urge to take a pencil and start editing query letters or chapter samples, or scribble notes in margins. I think I’m still inclined to be an editor, but the agency side is proving to be really fun too. 🙂 Yay!

Perfect Fifths

Remember my love & devotion to Megan McCafferty, author extraordinaire, who once quoted an email I wrote her on her (retro)blog? Her new (and last book) in the Jessica Darling series is out April 14th, but available for pre-order now, and in the lead-up to the release date you may enjoy watching these videos made by fans, as a sort of commercial for Perfect Fifths:

  1. Georgette‘s stop-motion video, which is probably my fave out of the 3 contest winners (though I feel like it was a tad long);
  2. Mallory‘s video; and
  3. Paige‘s video (which features finger puppets, if you’re into that sort of thing!)

Congrats to all three for winning the contest! Since I have no idea how to make videos aside from the very technical aspect of pointing and shooting my camera, this is my more random chance at winning one of three remaining advanced reader copies of Perfect Fifths before it comes out! (Contest here. Enter by Feb 20th!)

PS. If you’ve never read any of these books, do yourself a favor and beg, borrow or steal a copy (not that I’m endorsing theft, just that these books are that good – I must have re-read Sloppy FIrsts and Second Helpings over 10 times each!)


The hardest thing about this move so far hasn’t been working on my feet for endless hours a week and having one day off, or the extreme cold (it’s extreme for me, anyway), or even the whole moving thing. It’s being away from my family. I miss them so much it’s insane. I mean, I do like living on my own, but sometimes I just want to be in the comfort of home. It’s only been 5 months but I’m already planning on going home for Christmas – come hell or high water, I’m gonna find a way to get home for Christmas this year because I really cannot imagine going for longer than that to see my family.

I’m lucky we’re so close, but it really sucks to miss them! Especially since I recently realized that my sister is my most favorite person in the world – there isn’t a kind of love that I have for her that exists in me for anyone else right now. It’s part fierce protectiveness (I’m a Leo – loyal and protective of those I love!), part complete affection (especially when I think of her when she was young), and part just the way our relationship is – I can tease her endlessly and we both love it, and I know her better than anyone else. I want her to move to NYC and live with me for a few years at least, it sucks being apart.

And my grandma recently moved to Hong Kong as well from Cali, and I’ve always been close to her ever since I was little, with it probably stemming from the fact that everyone always said I looked like her when I was young. 🙂

Anyway. Guess I just want to say that although I love living in New York and love the opportunities that are opening up to me, it’s still hard being away from the fam, and I honestly cannot wait to see them again!

Busy Busy Bee

So my internship at the magazine ends this week (issue is out next week!), and I just got told that I got another internship – this time at a literary agency! My resume is running out of space…haha. But, it does feel like I’m heading to my goal! (Of being paid and working in the book business!) Plus, the people who interviewed me told me my resume was impressive, and that I was impressive in person, so I know it’s not a lack of qualifications that isn’t getting me a job, rather that I don’t know enough people in the industry to find someone to hire me!

Plus, one of my friends just got a job at a big publishing house (yay, T!) so I’m totally counting on him to get me one too. 😉 (What else are friends for?? haha)

It’s a little frustrating that the money situation isn’t getting better, but the industry and the economy is only going to go up from here, and I’m still optimistic. 🙂 Until then, I’m still gonna be working 6 days a week – tiring!! But hopefully it’ll all be worth it. 🙂

Room Rearranging

I love rearranging my room. It’s not very big, and for a while now I’d been thinking about how to solve my problems: namely, the fact that every time I want to open a drawer in my closet I’d need to kick some boots aside before both doors will open; my chair is always piled high with a bunch of clothes; my desk is always cluttered and has piles of receipts and mail and makeup all over it and I’d end up putting my laptop on the floor when I go to bed.

I thought about it for a week, and finally decided to take my closet doors off, fold my table back in half (it’s one of those expandable ones), move most of my makeup to my headboard (I have one of those tall storage headboards), and put the mirrors against two walls. I can finally tuck in my chair, and because I don’t have to be annoyed about opening my closet doors I actually willingly hang up them up every night (ok so I only took the doors down tonight, but I’m gonna try to keep it up!) and the mess on my desk is gone, and the boots have corners to sit in rather than just be all over my floor. It’s a beautiful thing. Although now all I want to do is rearrange the clothes in my closet because I don’t like how it looks. Next project! And the final touch will be personalizing my walls – still haven’t figured out what kind of art or photos or decorations I want to put up, although it’s always in the back of my mind!

I feel so much better – all this decluttering and making really good use of my space is good for the soul. (Or am I just a freak?)

Photos to come when I’m done!

PS. Who else constantly has Britney’s ‘Circus’ stuck in their heads? It’s like I’m addicted!