Perfect Fifths

Remember my love & devotion to Megan McCafferty, author extraordinaire, who once quoted an email I wrote her on her (retro)blog? Her new (and last book) in the Jessica Darling series is out April 14th, but available for pre-order now, and in the lead-up to the release date you may enjoy watching these videos made by fans, as a sort of commercial for Perfect Fifths:

  1. Georgette‘s stop-motion video, which is probably my fave out of the 3 contest winners (though I feel like it was a tad long);
  2. Mallory‘s video; and
  3. Paige‘s video (which features finger puppets, if you’re into that sort of thing!)

Congrats to all three for winning the contest! Since I have no idea how to make videos aside from the very technical aspect of pointing and shooting my camera, this is my more random chance at winning one of three remaining advanced reader copies of Perfect Fifths before it comes out! (Contest here. Enter by Feb 20th!)

PS. If you’ve never read any of these books, do yourself a favor and beg, borrow or steal a copy (not that I’m endorsing theft, just that these books are that good – I must have re-read Sloppy FIrsts and Second Helpings over 10 times each!)


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